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Peace River Transit

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Not me as I didn't even know this Transit system existed before your earlier post (Or I forgot it existed) !! But from what it sounds like, they are running a GMC Savana type vehicle. Not sure if it's just a straight van or ac utaway type bus.

Bus 2328 is a GMC school bus. It's hard to tell if it's corbel body. I found a photo on Facebook

Bus 2328

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Looks like Peace River is once again considering a transit system:

Transportation survey seeking current input
By Adam Dietrich, Peace River Record-Gazette
Wednesday, June 18, 2014 8:30:52 MDT AM

The journey towards the goal of a public transit system in Peace River is now in the midst of taking it’s first big step.

In late March, as per its strategic plan, council directed the Town of Peace River’s Community Services department to start looking into what a Peace River transit system would look like.


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Sep 17, 2015


GreenTRIP puts Peace River on the transit map
Grant supports the introduction of public transit in Peace River.
The Alberta government’s commitment to affordable and accessible public transportation is helping Peace River purchase new buses and develop dedicated transit infrastructure, providing residents with new options for getting around town. The $355,000 GreenTRIP grant contributes two thirds of the cost of a new public transit system, including two 15-passenger buses, fare boxes, transit stop signs, along with benches and bus shelters.
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