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2 hours ago, MVTArider said:


(responding here so I don't take the CENTRO topic off route...)

So is the LFS for that matter, just slowly adapted to include different features and style tweaks over the years. Similarly a 1998 Low Floor compared to a 2021 Low Floor will have some noticeable differences, though not so much in the basic exterior style. Totally agree though, a new improved model would be fantastic! It will also be interesting to see just how much longer the Low Floor model can go. Tacking on the BRT front cap does give it a more modern look and a number of agencies have opted for that.

It does seem a portion of the success of the Low Floor lately (and historically) is really its price. I think as soon as ElDorado, NFI, Nova, or another mfg. can consistently meet or undercut them on the more basic spec contracts, then they're in trouble and they'll need a solid successor to the Low Floor.

In all honesty , I think ElDorado is Gillig's closest rival.

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What I indirectly was trying to show is that a lot of traits that are desirable or undesirable can simply be the result of how an agency specs their buses, and, even indeed how they purchase their bus

My job RideKC got their first electric bus a couple of weeks ago. Still not in service yet. 

Care to explain a bit more? I'm all for people having their own opinions, but, just simply saying that something sucks doesn't cut it. You say the suspension sucks. Why? How does it compare to other b

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4 hours ago, Chris.A said:

In all honesty , I think ElDorado is Gillig's closest rival.

ElDorado is only a serious rival in the shuttle market, in my opinion.  They sell few buses to any medium or larger transit agencies.  

Gillig's main rival is New Flyer, with BYD on the horizon if they ramp up their production in the U.S.

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