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if its a valid doctors note exempting you from driving for certain reasons the employer has to honour it provided that they have the equipment to accommodate. if it was a system like the STM where they only have Nova and you get a doctors note exempting you, then the employer will have to find another method of work. They cant however ignore your exemptions and force you to drive a certain bus model.

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Quick question for those who know for sure. Furthur back in the discussion it was mentioned that the artics would arrive in the fall.  On the wiki it says 2023. Is there concrete info for when they will arrive? And also how many are on order? Im assuming 3 like was stated in the news article from a while back? 3 buses per year for 3 years? Any ideas what routes they will be used on? Im also assuming they will be hybrids like the 40ft. Thanks a lot!

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evening mat there is so much Confusion on the Artics one source says there on order and will be here this year now council still has to Aprrov them all i know is there not coming to 2023 they will be hybrids and the routes will be 201-202.

there is also talk about rebuilding Conestoga station so they can fit and the all Electric buses they will have to do work at University of waterloo station the turn onto ring road is tight.


im not sure on how many are post to be coming.


hope that info helps.

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afternoon a few updates.

2022 nova hybrids are post to start Delivery this month.

there is strong talk that some of the 2009 Novas could be parked this year most are now over a million miles.

there is no talk about the Artics my contact at regional council retired.

8009 was in a Collison today unknown how bad the damage is the car was in bad shape.

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On 11/28/2022 at 4:39 PM, Transit 20 said:

afternoon small update.

the 60 footers are now deferred till 2024 due to no terminals can handle them.

next years order will be hybrids and all Electrics.

will post hybrid numbers for next year once regional council passes the budget.

Are they just buses from this year but arriving in 2023?

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