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Not everyone has all the time in the world to go searching for information like in council minutes which can be hundreds of pages to go through. Also google does not always show this information as well in their seach functions and city websites search functions tend to be very unreliable as well.  Google is not always the answer in every case.

So i appreciate you posting the information.

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@Transit 20 @Byfold

Anyone can post anything so long as its on topic. I am not going to go back pages and pages of dialogue to see what has and hasn’t been posted here in the past, as I have better things to do with my time. If something was previously posted, be respectful in responding that its “old news”. 

Lets get back to a meaningful discussion. 


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5 hours ago, Transit 20 said:
  • regional Council approved,
  • $3,681,476.00 to Nova Bus Canada Inc. for the procurement of four (4) hybrid transit buses
  • these are the only hybrids being order due to budget cuts because of Covid 19.

Can you please post a link to where you found that info.  Thx

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here is a small update from GRT Land.

26xx they are being retired they should be gone when the rest of the 2020 enter service.

2020 are slowly entering service currently 11 have enter service.

Premanent shields are being installed on the new flyers and new novas.

new radios are currently being installed into buses from 27xx and up the 26xx will not get these.

once all the buses are done they scanner online wont be up.

21904 and 21912 are still off the road no idea when they will return.

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