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Transit Service Discussion (Articulated/Conventional/Shuttle/Skytrain/Seabus)


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Probably VTC will get that

On 12/13/2022 at 5:48 PM, 9924 said:

Thank God, it'll finally put an end to those 555 rumours every single freaking sign up¬†ūü§£

Think 301 will stay in RTC since brighouse is like downtown richmond and its close to where the drivers swap and 340 is not as bad as the 555 deadhead

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3 hours ago, Orcair said:

Per Mayor's Council, "in April, the launch of a new limited stop, peak-only service, 80 River District/Marine Drive Station, is planned."

Source:  https://www.translink.ca/-/media/translink/documents/about-translink/governance-and-board/council-minutes-and-reports/2023/january/agenda_mayors_council_public_meeting_jan_2023.pdf

The same file seems to confirm the destinations of the Richmond-Expo Line RapidBus: Richmond Centre and Metrotown Station. Previously there had been speculation that it would terminate at 22nd instead of Metrotown. 

Some blurbs also worth mentioning:

Canada Line peak service returns (at the cost of midday trips AND SNC-Lavalin via PPP)


Changes to the Canada Line will increase peak service and reallocate off-peak services to better align service with ridership demand. These increases will be funded through a small reduction of service during the middays. Implementing this service change is subject to negotiations with the concessionaire. A fifth daily road trip on the West Coast Express will be implemented, pending the delivery of a refurbished locomotive.



As customers began making more transit trips, overcrowding on the bus system started to increase and has been approaching pre-COVD levels. Overcrowding is when the number of passengers on a vehicle exceed the capacity, as defined by TransLink’s Transit Service Guidelines. Overcrowding was approaching pre-COVID levels in November 2023; a large part of this is due to the unexpected pattern of ridership return in September 2022. However, service cancellations, traffic congestion and passenger surges also contribute to overcrowding.


To avoid systemic overcrowding and to better match service to demand, bus services hours have been reallocated throughout the region, with the Southeast seeing the largest increase. More than 9.5% of total bus service hours have already been reallocated to reflect changes in transit demand. We expect that service increases and reallocations made in Jan 2023 will have a large, positive impacts on overcrowding. Going forward, while we will continue to reallocate service hours to address evolving travel patterns, we expect that the April 2023 service changes represent the last opportunity to reallocate substantial amounts of service to address overcrowding. Therefore, if ridership increases more than expected in 2023 it is likely to cause more overcrowding.


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