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Victoria Regional Transit System

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On 8/6/2023 at 8:45 PM, Dane said:

I did manage to get it, and would agree with that assessment entirely. It really "feels" low quality overall, but that's entirely subjective as I have no actual knowledge of vehicle quality. 

Here's a taster of build quality: They form irreparable cracks in the chassis.

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39 minutes ago, 2102 said:


victoria.bctracker.ca actually


There's a menu of other systems on the left as well. Note: only those buses with nextride installed OR GPS location tracking installed will show up. 

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For when V2 Nextride Hits Victoria, I have a few Questions for Deckers and 9434

1. Will Tridents go the cheap route and use the Small display like Vicinities and Shuttles on both floors, or top floor only or will they get both floors screen?

2. How will 04 and 20-21 enviros work with replacing NR 1 display with V2 screens?

3. Will 08 Enviros use the top floor back unused dummy screen for NR Uses? (9529-9531 does not have the top floor dummy screen)

4. Will 9434 use the screen for NR V2?



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