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Damaged or dead vehicles


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It appears the snow storm got to some buses 1879 broke down on the 74 and 7795 got changed off with 7989, not to mention there was and still is a bunch of late buses around the city. 




8351 was stuck on the 19 after being told to detour down tight streets. It's now been freed by a few people. (photo credit to my friend) 



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4 hours ago, PartiallySD said:

Clip of 8354 rear ending 8213 this morning from Reddit 


Also from Reddit, 8220 after having fishtailed into a parked vehicle

Today was a mess…. There were so many accidents and transit wasn’t spared from that at all. 

Neither of these are my photos, but 8179 sideswiped 7912 (both on the 9) and 8184 sideswiped a van on the 8. An XD40 of some sort was reported to have hit a house somewhere in Whitehorn (unconfirmed, was mentioned on the radio) in the morning. Im sure there’s more, but heres just some that have been noted.



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58 minutes ago, Calgary transit fan said:

Anyone know why 6094 hasn’t been seen in at least 2 months now🥺?

Most likely it’s at Big Rig Collision or Stoney getting some kind of work done. To be honest I wouldn’t be too surprised about 6094 disappearing for long stretches in its first year of service. After all, I doubt Big Rig has ever had a job as difficult as putting two halves of two different buses together, and some early glitches with it seem par for the course in my opinion. 

(Incidentally, has any other transit agency ever attempted to build 1 functioning articulated bus out of the halves of two different buses? 6094 is the only example of such a project that I know of.)

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8 hours ago, PartiallySD said:

I mean, if we consider CT’s track record (2090), it can’t be too much more work to reattach a bus than an LRV…

The difference between 2 Calgary-spec U2’s is probably less than the difference between one Calgary-spec XD60 and one Phoenix-spec XD60. Valley Metro had some different features on 8107, such as an extra wheelchair ramp at the centre door which must’ve been removed, and AC which Big Rig would’ve had to equip the 6072 half with.

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