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Anaheim Resort Transit

A. Wong

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(Updated August 2011)

The Ex-OCTA D40LF units are going to be retired this week. ART is now leasing 35(?) NABI 40-LFW units from OCTA.

The NABI units are based out of OCTA's Garden Grove base and/or one of Disneyland's parking lots, maintained by OCTA/MV Transportation, and operated by ART and MV Transportation drivers.

Here's a photo taken by my friend Kevin Sanchez of an ART NABI 40-LFW:


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Yep, they are ALL NABI 40LFWs now, working route 17 in the same wrap. It was neat to see literally 10 buses in a row with the signs all displaying the exact same thing. "Best bus service ever"

ART has other non-wrapped buses, including NABIs as well.

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