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Chris H

St Louis Metro

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22 hours ago, Border City Transit said:

Here's some pics from a very quick visit to St Louis in 2014. My 90 minutes proved quite productive for transit photos! Even then, the Phantoms were rapidly dwindling -- though I didn't have to look too hard for 'em at 14th & Market. Surprised to hear that any are still around...

Can't leave the Lou without a pic like this:


Reference shot, where typical early 2000s Phantom body features are on display:


Here's 2056, looking toward Downtown as she prepares for an afternoon outbound trip:


Couldn't quite get two Phantoms in the same place; had to settle for dreary Gillig LFs competing with their better-looking older brothers for attention:



I never could determine the vehicle number ranges for the Phantoms -- they were kind of all over the place. Anyone have any roster info?

At the time, the OC Transp... uh, I mean used D60LF artics were just showing up. Then, as now, exclusively on 70 Grand route:


I always thought that was a cool paint scheme, but they went a little overboard with the black on the D60LFs (and on the Gillig LFs, for that matter). This scheme would have looked sharper with maybe a little more blue.

Oh well -- looking forward to seeing the roll-out of the new STL paint scheme.



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