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Translink Christmas Bus Spottings

Enviro 500

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4 hours ago, 503FraserHwy said:

does anyone know why they dont decorate xn40's or xd40's or even just an articulated bus?

because my friend mentioned that an xn40 would be nice as a reindeer bus

Because the maintenance folks are aware that the Novas are garbage so they pretty them up for the holidays, and STC doesn’t have any garbage buses so they decorated a D40LFR. (Idk the official answer, that’s just a joke)

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7 hours ago, 503FraserHwy said:

well they should decorate the new xde60's then because ive never seen a bus break down within not even 4 months of being in service

I could be wrong, but even though not many people bike in the winter I think they would rather keep the bike racks on the 60-footers and trolleys due to their higher ridership and likeliness of picking up bikers compared to most other 40-footer and shuttle routes.

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