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Random GRT Questions

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Here's a place to ask any silly GRT questions that won't fit in any of the other threads.

To start things off, why do the 8:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. route 17s park in the 23/27 bay at Fairview Park? :blink:

Because they are closely scheduled to the 8 Franklin departures around that time, so they want to avoid two buses jockeying for a single spot.

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how come there's this one trip on the 8 at about 10am, where after it passes UW heading westbound, goes down Westmount, to Union, and according to the schedule, back to the garage? I spotted 8010 signed WESTMOUNT TO UNION this morning and thought I'd look into it :P

Why back to the garage from all the way over there and not even return downtown first? And why just that particular trip?

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