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GRT Security Cameras

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hey everybody after today we need the Cameras on the buses my bus pass was stolen on the 19 and if we had Cameras on the buses we could see who it was

Stolen ? Or you left it there and someone took it ? (In which case you got what you deserve).

If they took it from you that would be robbery.

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Bus cameras coming this fall

WATERLOO REGION — Start smiling! Surveillance cameras on Grand River Transit buses will begin recording this fall.

On Tuesday, Waterloo regional councillors approved a surveillance policy that has been changed to include only audio recordings in the area of the driver, and five video cameras throughout the rest of the bus.

“I was very happy to see the changes,” passenger Kate Daley told councillors.

Earlier, Daley was displeased to learn the cameras would record sound as well as video.

She and others voiced their concerns at public meetings on the plan to spend $1.5 million to install security cameras in 194 of the region’s 238 buses.

“Audio is not something I wanted, but I can live with it,” Daley said.

So far, 14 buses have the equipment on board and the rest will be installed this summer. Activation is slated to start early this fall, said Eric Gillespie, regional director of transit services.

Michael Druker of the Tri-Cities Transport Action Group told councillors that the restriction of audio to only the driver area is prudent while protecting the privacy of passengers.

But he questioned why drivers would not be recorded on video as it would provide evidence in disputes involving drivers.

Bus drivers report an average of 12 assaults or threats each year, a regional report said. Cameras are aimed at improving bus safety and security.

Coun. Sean Strickland questioned the need for the policy.

“I think the invasion of privacy is not warranted based on the number of incidents on our fleet,” he said.

Coun. Jim Wideman, chair of council’s planning and works committee, said he approved the policy despite “a lot of anxiety.

“May be this is the way we have to go, but it is not my preference,” he said.

Some of the policy’s features are:

•Tapes will be erased after 72 hours.

•Tapes will be held longer if required for a warrant, summons or court order.

•Tapes will only be used to detect, deter or investigate unlawful activity.

•Policy will be reviewed in two years.

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Hey everybody i guess its time to make a list of buses with Cameras.

1997 Nova LFS.531.

1998 Orion 06.501.533.

1999 Nova LFS.

2002 New Flyer D40F2200.2002.2203.2005.2206.2207.

2003 Orion 07.501.2307.2310.2311.2312.2313.2314.2315.2316.2317.2318.2329.2320.2321.2322.2323.2324.2325.2326.2327.2328.2329.

2004-2005 Nova LFS.2401.2406.2407.2408.2409.2410.2411.2412.2413.2414.2415.2416.2417.2418.2419.2420.2421.2422.2423.2424.2425.2426.

2006 Nova LFS.2601.2602.2603.2605.2606.2607.2608.2609.2610.2611.2612.2613.2614.

2007.Nova LFS.2701.2702.2703.2704.2705.2706.2707.2708.2709.2710.2711.2712.2713.2714.2715.2716.2717.2718.2719.2721.2722.2723.

2008.Nova LFS.8008.8009.8010.8011.8012.8013.8014.8015.8016.8017.8018.8019.8020.8021.8022.8023.8024.8025.8026.8027.

2009.Nova LFS.20901.20902.20903.20904.20905.20906.20907.20908.20909.20910.20911.20912.20913.

2010 Nova LFS.21001.21002.21003.21004.21005.21006.21007.21008.21009.

2011 Nova LFS.21101.21102.21103.21104.21105.21106.21107.21108.21109.21110.21111.21112.21113.21114.21115.

2011 Nova LFS Hybrid.21116.21117.21118.21119.21120.21121.

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