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2011 may be final year for 300-series ABQ RIDE Neoplans

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According to an FTA document posted today, ABQ RIDE will be recieving a grant for bus replacement. I assume this would be the replacement for the 300-series Neoplan AN440A CNG buses (built 1996), unless ABQ RIDE plans on retiring the remaining 400-series Thomas/Dennis SLF232 CNG buses first, which will be elgible for replacement next year since they were built in 2001. The FTA document does not mention for how many buses would this be for though.

ABQ RIDE still has several options with New Flyer for additional DE40LFR buses. However, it is still quite possible that ABQ RIDE could choose to tender out a new contract rather than exercise the New Flyer options.

Here is the FTA document:


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