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115 battery electric buses to be purchased.


B.C. Transit says it will purchase up to 115 battery-electric buses and install 134 charging points around the province, thanks to an almost $400-million joint investment by the provincial and federal governments.


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On 10/19/2023 at 4:54 PM, 2102 said:

Somehow I doubt BC Transit will express any interest in these. The only reason 1201-1203 ended up as 9529-9531 was because they were virtually identical to the existing fleet while only being five years old. These are double that age and would require different body parts to both existing fleets (2000s and 2020s), particularly on the front end.

Even then, it took nine months for all three of those buses to be repainted and entered into service after their arrival in September of 2012, and they didn't even change the interior layout to match the existing fleet, which is what most of us assumed why it was taking so long. It'd be better in the long run for BCT just to buy another fleet of newbuilds.

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