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Greyhound in the news

A. Wong

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3 hours ago, Rapidbus said:

Houston, TX is moving all service to Houston SE station starting from 11/30 according to their station page


From what it seems like the Downtown bus terminal will be closing, and they will move all operation to 7000 E Harrisburg Blvd


That was a bit earlier than expected. 

This is that station, and it is indeed a real station even if it is small for what Houston likely needs… 4-5 bays maybe. Question of the moment… who owns this one and is it vulnerable in a robbing Peter to pay Paul sort of way? Hopefully their arrangement there is stable…


Pretty perfect segue into this... Of all things an editorial on the plight of intercity bus passengers as we go through the Thanksgiving travel period with all of these myriad station closures:


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At the former Cincinnati station its demolition for a parking lot is up in the air as folks are lukewarm on more parking down there:


The Toledo Blade wrote an editorial that follows up an earlier story about delays people have experienced there:



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Back to Houston… local leaders aren’t terribly happy they weren’t informed this was going to be happen ahead of time and they worry that the crime issues at the old station will migrate to the Houston SE facility. They also worry about downsizing from 15 bays to 4 and the fact that buses will be stored in a lot off site when not in use. 


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