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While EVERYBODY were busy riding 96 in Surrey, I figured the world will do just fine without me in Surrey since everyone's down under after all, LOL! Very excited to head back to UBC today, because I had a funky feeling it would be a good day..........and damn right it was! :D

B8021 and B8051 both wrapped for Vancouver Aquarium, all photos spread into 3 different subalbums.


http://trans-continental.ca/vancouver/2000nfd60lf/#8051_Aquarium_C.jpg (and some more on the next page)


Click on the first link and you will also spot two other cool half-side wraps on V7204 and R7219 for a neat little campaign that I will let you see for yourself =)

2125 unwrapped from BC Lions

Post #1 up to date.



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Good morning everyone! I am driving Big Pink double decker 25 spotting a brand new wrap for 2 days in Seattle today! Feel free to drop by, come out for a ride and take pictures if you are interested! My timing points are listed as following: Leaving from Gastown (by the steam clock) at 0936, 1137, 1345, 1544.


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