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Selkirk Transit

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Maybe you two could simply calm down, especially the first person, and wait and see what the municipality decides. Get back to us when you've found documents supporting their decision instead of specu

Please stop with your stupid questions. You're really making this board go down the drain.

No kidding

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Selkirk Transit's 2018 Vicinity is in service.  Apparently it entered service about 2 weeks ago. 

selkirk-ST7320vicinity-daw2018may29.thumb.jpg.c1d9575766dcfd30e255c3aca8029149.jpg Tuesday 29 May 2018

Staff at Selkirk Transit also informed us that Thursday 31 May 2018 will be the last day in service of their original (2010) cutaways. One has been retired for some time and the other comes off the road at the end of May.

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