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On the topic of old maps again, it seems that on the most recent UW map that is online and published in paper format ( http://www.uwaterloo.ca/map/index.php ), the GRT stops indicated are quite outdated and still show stops from the old route 13 that no longer exist. I think I'll send them a message saying that it should probably get updated to avoid confusion ^_^

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This map was at Conrad Grebel University College. I don't really remember there being one at South Campus hall, but I think main campus does a good job (or at least a better job than Grebel does :P) with keeping the displayed maps up to date. I'll see if I can find the date the next time I'm over there....

Yess! so in Mid-September talked to the student services office advising that they should update it or students might get confused.... And I also asked if I could have the old map when they got the new ones in, and the lady said sure, and took down my email so she could notify me. Today they finally got the new ones in so now I have two copies of the GRT route map from 2002 ^_^

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