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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

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 Various buses and trains seen at Boston from my recent trip there. Featuring MBTA Type 7 and 8 LRV on Green Line Routes. New Flyer D40LF, Xcelsior XDE40 and XDE60 on regular bus route as well as Silver Line. Also an NJ Transit Train ALP-45DP was seen at Secaucus Junction during a layover there.




I never got to see any RTS at the time I was up there (since I was there only for weekend; would imagine all RTS were in weekday rush hour service back then). From the observation while I was there, pretty much the Xcelsior XDE40 dominated much of the routes although 2006-2008 New Flyer D40LF. And I loved seeing those 2017 New Flyer Xcelsior XDE60 for Silver Line 4 and 5 there, though most have been service since it debuted few months ago, they still looked great. All of MBTA articulated bus fleet is now all hybrid artic with Xcelsior XDE60 and DE60LFR (though I never see them). The recent Xcelsior XDE60 at Silver Line replaced the last of Neoplan AN460LF CNG that helped started the Silver Line back then in 2004





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Was in Boston again this past weekend for the St Patrick's Day shenanigans, and got to ride the Orange line. Love the 80s aesthetic, and made in Canada to boot! 

Are the destination signs still manually hand-cranked?



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