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Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority


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For two days last week, I spent in Boston fanning the MBTA system and a few other shuttle operations. As in typical summer it was steamy and sometime rainy but productive. Here are some photos and videos:


New Flyer DE60LFR #1220 at Mattapan Station. 1220 is one of 25 brand new Hybrids purchased by MBTA and used on Route 28 from Mattapan to Ruggles Orange Line Station:


Pictured at Dudley Station is NABI CNG 40LFW #2299, the last of 299 NABIs purchased between 2000-2003 that operate mostly in South Boston:


Sliver Line Routes 4 & 5 operate between Dudley Station and Downtown. Here is Neoplan CNG AN460LF #1013 inside the terminal. This is one of 44 buses added to the fleet in 2003 and is known as Neoplan's only CNG artic venture:


Leaving Watertown Square is Neoplan AN440LF Trackless Trolley #4119 heading westbound to Harvard Station. 4119 is one of 28 purchased to retire the then 27 year old Flyer E800s. Side Note: The operator of this bus was awesomely nice to me and the other two fans, even stopping to talk to us while outside Harvard Station:


Nova RTS-06 #0298 outside the Harvard Station Tunnel on a return trip on Route 73. 0298 is one of approx. 125 RTSs out of 400 purchased in 1994 & 1995 still in operation:


New Flyer #0600, the first of 310 New Flyers purchased between 2006 & 2008 is seen taking layover at Wellington Orange Line Station:


At Sullivan Square Station buses leave from a upper and lower section. Here is #0092 leaving from the lower while another RTS & New Flyer await passengers on the upper end:


New Flyer #0744 leads a pack of D40LFs at Haymarket Station as rush hour is winding down:


Neoplan AN460LF CNG #1033 is seen along Commonwealth Avenue on Route 39 near Northeastern University. 1033 is among 23 other 1000 series buses painted in the MBTA that serve Route 39 exclusively:


NABI CNG 40LFW #2223 wrapped for Jet Blue on Route 66 which starts at Harvard Station in Cambridge before making its way to South Boston and Dudley Station:


Nova RTS #0388, seemingly freshly repainted and TMC RTS #0106 await to leave Haymarket with the former in Route to Salem Depot in Salem, Mass:


A few minutes later, #1128 arrives on Route SL1 for passengers heading to Logan Airport. 1128 is one of eight buses purchased with Massport funds and are mainstays on the SL1:



New Flyer DE60LFR #1220: Cummins ISL/Allison EP40 Hybrid Drive

Neoplan AN460LF #1013: Detroit Diesel Series 50/Allison B500R Transmission

Neoplan AN440LF #0453: Caterpillar C9/Allison B400R Transmission

TMC RTS-06 #0092: Detroit Diesel Series 50/ Allison V731 Transmission

NABI 40LFW CNG #2026: Cummins C Gas/Allison B400R Transmission

New Flyer D40LF #0718: Cummins ISL/Allison B400R Transmission

Neoplan AN460LF Dual Mode #1128: DD60 Engine/Skoda Electrical

MBTA Bus System Video:

Subways & Trolleys:

Green Line Breda Type 8 #3851 leads a two pack of cars heading outbound on Branch B to Boston College. 3851 is one of 100 Type 8s purchased by MBTA between 1999 & 2008:


Green Line Kinki Sharyo Type 7 #3709 had just completed boarding passengers at Park Street Station. 3709 is one of twenty Type 7s purchased by MBTA in 1997 to retire the last of the Boeings:


Kinki Sharyo Type 7 #3688 trails the end of a two car train leaving Haymarket Station. 3688 is one of 100 original Type 7s purchased between 1986 & 1988:


Breda Type 8 #3880 seen on Commonwealth Avenue on the E Branch inbound to Lechmere Station:


Type 7 #3620 returns inbound from the Heath Street Terminal of the E Branch


Kinki Sharyo #3604 ascends the hill on Beacon Street on the C Branch to Cleveland Circle:


Type 8 #3853 on the C Branch private right of way heading inbound towards North Station:


Type 8 #3828 with all lights activated a mere three blocks from the tunnel taking C Branch trains into Downtown Boston:


Historic PCC #3254 at Mattapan Station at the end of the Mattapan-Ashmont High Speed Line:


In this second photo, a alternative destination sign adorns #3238, also photographed at Mattapan:



Bombardier Red Line Car #01847:

Hawker Siddley Orange Line Car #01233:

Siemens Blue Line Car #0782

Kinki Sharyo Type 7 #3644 on the E Branch inside the tunnel:

Breda Type 8 #3882 on the B Branch to Boston University

Mattapan-Ashmont PCC #3238: Full Route Ride

Green Line Trolley System Video:

MBTA Subway System Video:

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Green Line Kinki Sharyo Type 7 #3709 had just completed boarding passengers at Park Street Station. 3709 is one of twenty Type 7s purchased by MBTA in 1997 to retire the last of the Boeings:

The Boeings actually stayed in service until 2005, when they were replaced with the Type 8s.

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A little more than a year after this topic began, I returned to Boston for an update. Here are some of the photos from this past Friday:

New Flyer D40LF #0624 seen outside of Sullivan Orange Line Station:


Novabus RTS-06 #0370 & 0382, one of the last 125 RTSs left in the MBTA fleet inside Sullivan Station:


Orange Line Train photographed entering Malden Center Station:


New Flyer DE60LFR #1216 approaching Dudley Station:


NABI CNG 40LFW #2130 outside of Ruggles Station with the Prudential Building in the background


A six car set of Bomabardier Red Line trains crossing the Charles River prior to entering Kendall/MIT Station:


Neoplan Trackless Trolley #4110 baskes in the glow of perfect sunlight along Route 73 in Cambridge:


New Flyer D40LF #0601 sports a full wrap for a local Boston radio station:


RTS #0320 takes a rest at the Arlington Heights loop where Routes 62, 76, 77, 78 & 79 use as their Northern Terminus:


Neoplan AN440LF #0551 & NABI #2204 are seen at the Watertown Yard loop, which is a Trackless Trolley service facility:


New Flyer D40LF #0838 is photographed loading passengers outside of Maverick Blue Line Station:


The rest of this album can be viewed here:


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A woman walked into an Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority train at Needham Center Station while trying to light her cigarette. She was walking across the platform attempting to light the cigarette, police said. She did not notice the incoming train and walked into its side. The force of the speeding train knocked her to the ground.

More proof that smoking can be dangerous to your health!

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A woman walked into an Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority train at Needham Center Station while trying to light her cigarette. She was walking across the platform attempting to light the cigarette, police said. She did not notice the incoming train and walked into its side. The force of the speeding train knocked her to the ground.

More proof that smoking can be dangerous to your health!

True.... but people gaze at their phones walking around not paying attention to their surrondings as well......

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At the beginning of this month, I made my first trip into Boston. I had planned to hit up Rhode Island as well, but I strained my left leg (thanks to too much powerwalking), and that dampered those plans.

Anywho, here's a small showcase of my journey thru Boston...

MassPort #527 at Logan Airport


#0026 at Sullivan Square (upper level)


#0295 on Western Ave. in Lynn, MA


#4105 at Watertown Square


#2257 at Copeley Square


Car #0715 at Wonderland station


#2133 on Mass. Avenue


Can't remember the location of this train, but this is a Hawker-Siddley car (#01226)


#1209 at Ruggles station


#1122 at Logan Airport


#0880 at Wonderland station


#1030 approaching South station


Buses 0544 and 0461 at Watertown Yard


The rest of the photos from my trip can be seen at Photobucket (MetroDee2915). Videos from the trip are playing on my YouTube channel (MetrolinerXLZ), and the audio recordings are available for download from SkyDrive, which y'all can access here:



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I just came back from Boston, and I have to say I am impressed with the service in downtown and surrounding areas. $15 for a 7-day unlimited pass is a bargain!

One thing I did notice though is MBTA do not nearly do as good a job of taking care of their equipment as the TTC.

The Hawker-Siddeley Canada trains on the Orange Line are all "only" about 30 years old, but they look like they are literally about to fall apart: paint chips and rusting everywhere, doors not working, PA system and door chimes not working in some cars etc. It could be because they didn't care as much since new trains are already on order, but TTC's H4s and H5s look immaculate in comparison.

Same can be said about the original Type 7 LRTs on the Green Line. They look a lot more weatherbeaten than TTC's CLRVs and ALRVs, even when most of the TTC's vehicles are older.

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Second half of my trip highlights the MBTA, one of my favorite systems on the east coast. Here are some photos and videos from that trip:

0296, a 1995 Nova RTS-06 at Haymarket Station working the heavy Route 111-Woodlawn line:


New Flyer D40LF #0841 squeezes by sister unit 0848 at the beginning of Rush hour Route 455 from Boston to Salem, Mass:


0332 at the other end of Route 92 at Sullivan Square Station


0374 awaits its next run on Route 89 to Davis Square Red Line Station:


Talk about easy work…New Flyer D40LF #0729 as at an elevator shuttle at Davis Square for disabled riders at the elevators are currently being rehabbed:


Neoplan AN440LF #0427 already packed when this photo was taken:


NABI 40-LFW CNG #2180 waits at a light with parked unit 2120 in Cambridge in Harvard Square:


Neoplan Trackless Trolley #4118 at the Watertown Square layover on Route 71:


No, it’s not a ghost but a driver needing a restroom made this photo featuring D40LF #0705 at Arlington Heights Loop:


NABI CNGs 2241 & 2254 outside Kenmore Station on Route 8 & 57 respectively:


At night, Route 39 goes from 60 footers to 40 footers with 2014 waiting to depart Back

Bay Station:


A T supervisor shows the virtues of a bike rack system to a driver before she boards passengers on Route 32:


Neoplan CNG artic #1013 at the South Station layover of Sliver Line 4 just after midnight:



MBTA Neoplan AN440LF #0410 (Caterpillar C9/Allison)

MBTA Nova RTS-06 #0374 (DD50/Allison)

MBTA NABI 40-LFW CNG #2014 (Cummins C Gas Plus/Allison)

MBTA New Flyer D40LF #0699 (Cummins ISL 04/Allison)

MBTA Neoplan AN460LF CNG #1013 (DD60/Allison)

MBTA Nova RTS-06 #0293 (DD50/Allison)

MBTA & RIPTA Video (MBTA after 2:55 mark)

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That's completely crazy!!! While the operator was wrong in MOST of this incident, who the hell would chase down a moving bus to fix a ticket on the windshield when the meter maid knew she could mail it to the driver??

The article I read said that the traffic officer told the bus operator twice to move the bus (which was apparently parked illegally in a left-turn lane adjacent to the Kenmore station busway) and the operator ignored the instructions and kept on eating her breakfast. The officer then wrote out the ticket and attempted to attach it to the bus windshield when the operator freaked out and tried to drive away, striking the officer and several automobiles. It doesn't appear from the news stories that the traffic officer was at fault in this incident.

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I am not sure if this was posted anywhere else on the board. But I did not find it in my initial search, so I will put it here:


MBTA fires trolley operator, says he was drowsy:

Making his first trip of the day, the operator of Green Line car 3892 should have been rested. Instead, he had just finished moonlighting at another job, leaving him so drowsy, investigators have concluded, that he allowed his trolley to ram another last week at Boylston Street ­Station.

MBTA leaders said Wednesday that the operator was solely responsible for the rear-end crash and fired the 46-year-old operator less than a week after he was supposed to receive an award for safe driving.

The T does not ban employees from working second jobs but ­expects them to be alert and prepared, said Jonathan R. Davis, acting general manager.

“This individual failed to follow MBTA rules and policies regarding fitness for duty, and because of his failure he caused a collision that ­resulted in injuries to multiple customers, employees, and damage to MBTA property over $500,000,” ­Davis said, citing “alarming dis­regard for customer and employee safety” as grounds for termination.


A spokeswoman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said his office and the T had been in contact over possible criminal charges but that by Wednesday night the driver had not been charged.

The crash required that 37 people — more than 30 passengers, plus the driver and two other MBTA employees — be taken to hospitals with what T officials deemed “minor to moderate injuries,” and it interrupted service on the busiest section of the Green Line for three hours.

The driver, interviewed repeat­edly by T investigators, revealed this week that he had worked from midnight to 8 a.m. at a part-time job before reporting for his full-time job with the MBTA Wednesday morning and did the same thing Thursday, the day of the crash, Davis said.

T officials declined to name the driver or describe his second job, calling his firing an internal personnel matter and the nature of the other job irrelevant.

The driver had worked for the T since 2006 and earned $63,398 plus benefits as a Green Line operator last year, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said.

He received a speeding violation on an above-ground section of the Green Line in July 2009 but had a clean record since then; he was supposed to be one of 221 Green Line operators to receive a pin last Friday for safe driving.

John Lee, president of the Boston Carmen’s Union, did not respond to phone and e-mail ­requests for comment Wednesday.

Approached outside a Depart­ment of Transportation board meeting, he told a reporter: “I’m not commenting on that accident. I’ll get back to you.”

The T does not allow drivers to log more than 60 hours a week and requires them to take at least six hours off between shifts. They are subject to random drug and alcohol tests, and supervisors assess whether drivers appear fit for duty when the operators sign in each day, Pesaturo said.

The T also has a fatigue awareness program, which ­Davis said the driver had completed twice in the past year.

Officials could not say if the driver fell asleep or briefly tuned out — no video of the ­operator’s cab exists — but blamed fatigue.

The driver crashed his two-car trolley into the rear of a stopped trolley while driving about 10 to 13 miles an hour. The crash happened in the original 115-year-old core of the Green Line, the nation’s oldest subway.

Davis said officials do not know how many employees hold second jobs. While management may consider new policies in light of the crash, off-work hours are hard to control, he said.

“I’m not sure we can legislate what people do outside of the MBTA,” he said. “However, they obviously are aware that they need to be fit for duty when they come in. There is some self-responsibility that’s required.”

Davis and Richard A. Davey, the transportation secretary, each of whom commute on the Green Line, emphasized that the line is safe.

The Green Line operates 1,179 end-to-end trips daily, typically without incident, ­Pesaturo said. The line carries roughly 250,000 riders on weekdays.

As they waited at Boylston station Wednesday, passengers said they considered the crash an isolated incident.

Some supported the firing, like Kevin McNeil, 29, a Tufts University dental student.

“It [stinks] that he lost his job, but then again, he’s got a responsibility to all these people,” McNeil said, above the screech of an arriving trolley.

Emerson College students Morgan Lynch and Chelsey Cartwright said the driver should have been fined or suspended, not fired.

“Mistakes happen,” said Lynch, 25, a graduate student. “. . . This is a recession we live in; people can’t just do without jobs.

“Nobody died, so I don’t think it was that big of a deal.”

“We don’t know the back story to his family situation or whatever he’s going through,” said Cartwright, 23, a senior.

Lexie Fleege and Jessica ­Joseph, both seniors at Emerson, which borders the station at the edge of Boston Common, also supported a second chance, until they learned the driver’s salary.

“Wow,” Joseph, 20, said. “Wow. I don’t even think I can graduate and make that much money.”

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Midwest Bus is is rebuilding all 192 2004-05 Neoplan AN440LF's for the MBTA. Thus far 6 have returned (0420, 0427, 0430 to Fellsway) (0470, 0480 and 0542 to Albany Street.). 19 other units (Fellsway 0404, 0412, 0421, 0426, 0439, 0444, 0522, 0523, 0536 and 0571) and (Albany Street 0457, 0459, 0471, 0478, 0495, 0501, 0502, 0505 and 0507) are currently at Midwest for rebuild.

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