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ITFX Gondolas

Michael Taylor

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Yes, they are garbage hauling gondola cars. Probably all restencilled from TLAX 92xxx cars (that look identical), which I've seen pass through the Hamilton area before. Judging by the white ends, I bet they are (or were at one point) equipped with a rotary coupler at one end for easier unloading.

CTG mentions TLAX = Transload America. I have also seen some more modern NSC gons in the TLAX 1xxx series.

Transload America is a holding company that was formed by a group of senior waste industry and railroad executives to exploit the market opportunity of transferring and disposing of non-hazardous solid waste by rail. Transload's business strategy is based upon three major steps: (1) acquire the necessary rights and interests to develop and operate rail transfer facilities in key markets in the Northeast; (2) acquire landfill capacity in the Midwest through direct ownership or long-term disposal commitments where the landfill is accessible by rail; and (3) partner with major railroads such as Canadian Pacific, CSX and Norfolk Southern to serve as carriers from rail transfer stations to disposal sites. Transload's core division is High Tech Trans, a rail transfer facility located in Newark, NJ. High Tech Trans currently receives construction and demolition waste and transfers it to disposal facilities in other states, primarily in the Midwest.


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