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Since last month State Transportation Budget Bill has passed, SEPTA has commenced its wish list it look forward to fufill. Aside from infrastructure repair, it's looking to replace the older railcars like the Silverliner IV, AEM-7/ALP-44 Locomotives, Trolleys with newer equipments including new Silverliner VI, electric locomotives

Source from here


Due to increased ridership on Regional Rail, they're looking at Bilevel cars as well. Mentioned on SEPTA's youtube video

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Sort of like NJT's style multilevel railcars since they needed to meet clearance for center city and university city tunnels. NJT's Multilevel cars were custom built to address those issues including hudson tunnel clearance.

Those cars should have the clearance for center city and university city tunnels.

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Still no snow in Philly, I see :)

Any Nova artic sightings? When will they be in service?

It was cold with wind chill below 0 and temperature in the teens. I couldn't be out for long so I made the transifanning short.

Of the Nova Artic Hybrid and Diesels, no they're not on the road. Though they 1st made appearance back in October for the pilot bus, SEPTA had issues with that bus and it was sended back Nova for repairs. All the Nova buses including 40ft and 60ft were suppose to arrive on October 2013, group by group according to Capital Budget Schedule. At this time, there's no sighting and/no mentioning when they'll be arriving.

The NABI 416 and Neoplan AN460 are still on its feet as of now. The oldest NABI 416 is 18 years old and still running. So far, that's the longest time that SEPTA has kept its buses running pending delivery of new buses. The 1989 Neoplan AN440 managed to hang on for at least 18 years until 2008 when they were finally all retired. THEY WERE NOT REPLACED BY NEW FLYER DE40LF, as they were subbing for Trackless Trolleys between 2003 and 2008 until New New Flyer E40LFR arrives.

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SEPTA's proposal for ASP FY2015

SEPTA's FY 2015 Annual Service Plan Public Open House Meetings

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Following is a list and descriptions of the projects to be included in SEPTA's Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Service Plan. The Plan is a one-year plan that identifies new transit services or significant changes to existing services for the following fiscal year. It includes submissions from outside sources, as well as by SEPTA staff. Submissions were received in accordance with SEPTA's Service Standards and Process guidelines, and have been or are presently being evaluated through the Comparative Evaluation Process. The Service Standards enable an objective evaluation of all major route and service changes using standardized criteria.

In addition, there is an amendment proposed to SEPTA's Service Standards and Process. This addresses On-Time Performance, as noted below.

The Annual Service Plan includes the following projects. Implementation of projects is contingent upon available funding. Below are brief project descriptions.

Route 27

Route 27 operates between Center City Philadelphia and Plymouth Meeting Mall, serving the Manayunk, Roxborough and Barren Hill communities. Because it is a long route with a high peak hour service requirement, Route 27 operates well below the minimum cost recovery standard adopted by the SEPTA Board of Directors. After examining the existing service levels and ridership patterns, staff is proposing schedule changes to better tailor the service provided to the various customer markets along the route. This would involve the modification of mid-day weekday service to better suit the current ridership levels, and focusing greater resources toward peak hour customers in the Roxborough community.

All mid-day trips would operate between Broad & Carpenter Streets and Plymouth Meeting Mall on a 30 minute frequency. During peak periods, some trips will begin and end at Barren Hill and also at Ridge Avenue and Cathedral Road, focusing higher service levels where the most customers are riding, and at the same time, increase the reliability of Route 27 by providing fewer long distance trips during the traditional peak hours.

Route 35

Route 35 is a circulator bus service within the Manayunk and Roxborough communities providing service to shopping and to medical services along Ridge Avenue and connections to other SEPTA routes at the Wissahickon Transportation Center. While the service is essential for Seniors and others without access to an automobile, it is the lowest performing SEPTA City Transit route, with an 8% cost recovery from fares. This is far below the 18% minimum standard for City routes adopted by the SEPTA Board of Directors. Staff is proposing routing and schedule changes to bring Route 35 closer to the minimum acceptable operating ratio.

To improve operational efficiency, staff is proposing to modify the Route 35 routing by discontinuing segments along Manayunk Avenue between Roxborough and Leverington Avenues, as well as Leverington Avenue between Manayunk Avenue and Umbria Street. The newly proposed service would operate via Ridge Avenue, Roxborough Avenue, south on Manayunk Avenue to Ridge Avenue and the Wissahickon Transportation Center. This routing will provide a more direct connection to the Wissahickon Transportation Center, eliminate the "doubling back" over Main Street in Manayunk, and remove buses from the narrow and difficult to pass street segment along Manayunk Avenue between Green Lane and Leverington Avenue.

Staff is also proposing to modify service frequency from 30 minutes to 45 minutes on weekdays, similar to the current weekend service level, and possibly discontinue some little used trips at the beginning or end of the service day.

Route 43

Route 43 operates from 50th Street & Parkside Avenue in West Philadelphia to Richmond & Cumberland Streets in Port Richmond. Due to the I-95 Girard Avenue interchange project, Route 43 has been detoured from its normal routing along Richmond and Beach Streets. The current detour takes the westbound route along Huntingdon Street, turning south onto Aramingo Avenue, and then resumes the regular routing at Delaware Avenue and Columbia Street. Some of SEPTA's customers have expressed a preference for the detour routing over the regular route. As part of the 2015 Annual Service Plan, various options for the Route 43 post-detour routing are being evaluated, including both the regular routing and the current detour.

Routes 68, 108, and 116

Presently, Route 68 connects South Philadelphia with the UPS Air Hub, Route 108 connects 69th Street Transportation Center (TC) with Southwest Philadelphia, the UPS Air Hub, Philadelphia International Airport and the Airport Business Center, and Route 116 operates limited weekday service between 69th Street TC and the USPS facility at 74th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard. The following initiatives are proposed:

Extend Route 68 weekday service to 69th Street TC replacing most Route 108 service to UPS (except late-evening and Owl service) and covering portions of Route 116

Revise Route 108 so that all trips operating beyond 65th Street & Elmwood Avenue would serve Philadelphia International Airport

Improve Route 108 weekday peak hour service to the Airport Business Center

Improve Route 108 weekend service between 69th Street TC and 67th Street & Elmwood Avenue

Discontinue mid-day and evening Route 108 service to Airport Business Center due to low ridership

Discontinue Route 116 and restructure extended Route 68 service via portions of Route 116

Route 91

Route 91 operates on Saturdays only between Norristown Transportation Center and the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Graterford. Due to changes in access to SCI-Graterford created by a weight restricted bridge and the closing of an alternate access, SEPTA is operating on a long-term detour. The detour also provides closer access to the new prison currently under construction at the site. SEPTA is proposing changing the routing to reduce overlap with Route 93 and reduce trip mileage.

Route 201

This route serves the Fort Washington Industrial Park, connecting to weekday Lansdale/Doylestown Regional Rail trains at Fort Washington Station. A minor routing adjustment is proposed to connect to a planned commercial development on Susquehanna Road.

Routes 205 and 206

Routes 205 and 206 serve various points in Great Valley from the Paoli Regional Rail Station, connecting with weekday peak period Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail trains. Route 205 also makes selected trips to Phoenixville. Route 205, a contracted service, has been funded through PennDOT's U.S. Route 202, Section 300 reconstruction project. The proposal includes taking portions of Route 205 service and adding them to Route 206, while discontinuing Route 205 service to Phoenixville, due to low ridership. Route 205 service would instead be extended to new service areas within the Great Valley and Chesterbrook corporate centers, providing a direct connection from Paoli Regional Rail Station to the Chesterbrook employment center.


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As of now, there's still no updates of when the new Nova LFS Artic Diesel and Hybrid and 40ft Hybrid production units and/or pilot bus #7301 will be arriving to Philadelphia. #7300 was delivered last year and placed on service for an interim moment before it was sent back to Nova to address issues. SEPTA's Neoplan and NABI are still running as of now.

2000 Neoplan #7182 with a odd secondary screaming sound parallel to engine's rpm on Route 48

2005 New Flyer D40LF #8080

2008 New Flyer DE40LF #8130

2001 New Flyer D40LF #5471

2010 New Flyer DE40LFR #8358

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As of now, there's still no updates of when the new Nova LFS Artic Diesel and Hybrid and 40ft Hybrid production units and/or pilot bus #7301 will be arriving to Philadelphia. #7300 was delivered last year and placed on service for an interim moment before it was sent back to Nova to address issues. SEPTA's Neoplan and NABI are still running as of now.

Alright, thanks for letting us know.

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Nice pictures The AverageJoe

According Philadelphia Metropolitian Area Transit Scene, a transitfan got more info from anonymous tipster at SEPTA relating to Nova order

Word from reliable source at 1234. The Novabus orders is DELAYED for NOW not CANCELLED. No word when they will get the prototype back. Let's just say that the story for now.
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SEPTA is planning ahead of the winter storming that's incoming to Philly area.

SEPTA Makes Preparations for Feb. 4-5 Winter Storm

Ice Expected to Cause Service Disruptions; Customers Urged to Plan Ahead

February 04, 2014

PHILADELPHIA, PA (February 4, 2014) - The winter storm moving into the region tonight is expected to bring treacherous, icy conditions that could impact SEPTA services on all modes of travel throughout the transit system. For SEPTA - due to the crippling effect ice has on roads and rail infrastructure such as overhead lines that provide power to trains and trolleys - a storm that brings even a small amount of ice accumulation can deliver an impact similar to that of two feet of snow.

If the forecasts prove true, service disruptions are possible Wednesday morning. SEPTA is urging customers to plan ahead, and if possible, delay their morning commutes.

SEPTA staff will closely monitor the storm to assess conditions and determine the service adjustments necessary. SEPTA will announce all changes to service as soon as information is available, and when possible, in advance for customers.

SEPTA will hold a media briefing at 5 a.m. Wednesday at SEPTA headquarters to provide a status report on service and conditions throughout the transit system.

Below is a summary of some of the issues SEPTA may face, and steps being taken to maintain service and keep customers informed possible disruptions:

Proactive Measures & Additional Staffing: SEPTA will have additional personnel on-hand as of 11 p.m. Tuesday at the SEPTA Headquarters Command Center, and also in the field to monitor conditions. Personnel at bus depots and rail yards will take measures to address vehicle equipment concerns that come with this kind of weather. Track inspectors and maintenance crews, as well as signal maintainers and power crews, will be staged at various locations throughout the system to be available to address issues quickly. By deploying extra staff, SEPTA will be in the best possible position to quickly identify problems and take corrective action to minimize the impact to our riders.

Efforts to Preserve Service: The Market-Frankford Line and the Broad Street Line - SEPTA's two busiest routes - will operate with train service overnight, rather than switch to Night Owl Bus service between 12:30 a.m. -5:30 a.m. as scheduled. This will keep additional buses off potentially icy roads, and help with efforts to continue service on these vital transit arteries. Also, trains that are not being used for this overnight service will be stored in subway tunnels -out of the elements, and prepped for Wednesday morning's commute. SEPTA will also run pilot trains on Regional Rail lines and trolley routes overnight to help prevent ice from accumulating on overhead wires, which can cause service disruptions.

Communications: SEPTA will use all methods of communication available in an effort to keep customers up-to-date on service status. The best tool for customers is the System Status feature on the SEPTA Website, which provides real-time service details and updates on possible disruptions. SEPTA will have additional staff on-hand to keep these online tools updated with the latest information. To access System Status, customers can go directly to http://www.septa.org/realtime/status/system-status.shtml, or go to our homepage, www.septa.org and click on the System Status icon on the left-hand side. This tool is also available on the SEPTA iPhone App. In addition, all service advisories will be sent out via Twitter, with simultaneous notices sent to local news outlets by the SEPTA Media Relations staff.

Customer Service: The SEPTA Customer Service Call Center will open early, at 5 a.m., and will be staffed with extra personnel. Customers can call (215) 580-7800 to speak to SEPTA representatives. The SEPTA Social Media Team (@SEPTA_Social) will also be available to answer inquiries via Twitter starting at 5 a.m.

For more information, such as schedules and trip-planning tools, customers can visit www.septa.org.

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