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SEPTA (Pennsylvania)


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I'm proud to present videos of Bus Action in the Center City of Philadelphia, PA at 6th and Market Street in which that area has lot of buses running there in a large street from SEPTA to New Jersey Transit Bus there. In addition, I also film buses in the suburban neighborhood in mall and stuff like the King of Prussia Mall 20 miles just off of I-76 and Exton Square Mall off of Route 30.

In the following videos, they show bus action at 6th and Market Street where many transit buses travel there on crowded Market Street. SEPTA has 4 of its city routes that they travel through market street from the west of Market Street. SEPTA buses Route 38, 44 uses regular 40 ft buses including Primarily New Flyer DE40LF 2nd Generation for those routes there while other buses including New Flyer D40LF are used on those routes as well. SEPTA Route 17 uses primarily New Flyer D40LF for that route while New Flyer DE40LF 1st Generation are used on those routes as well. SEPTA's Route 33 which has most the passengers onboard that route uses primarily Neoplan AN460 to handle high passenger number. However with the arrival of New Flyer DE40LF 2nd generation in 2009, this allows for more increased service to further handle high passenger numbers on that route. SEPTA's Neoplan AN460 are approaching 12 years old and SEPTA planned to replace them with new low floor hybric artic buses in the future.

For New Jersey Transit, they travel into Philadelphia from Camden New Jersey as they crosses through the Ben Franklin Bridge. For service through the city, they made a trip around Philadelphia throught the travel at Market Street before making a turn in Board Street and start heading east back to New Jersey. Buses that they used for service includes NABI 416 Suburbans and Transit, Nova RTS 40 ft, and MCI D4000. The NABI 416 transits are currently delivering to New Jersey Transit's Newtown Ave Garage since Newtown has some Extra Suburbans to be transfer to other Garages where they want their Flxible Metro D replaced as soon as possible. Back in 2009, Netown has received a large number of NABI 416 suburbans to replaced all of its veteran Flxible Metro B and most of Flxible Metro D to ensure enough they have a good # of buses in service. Some Flxible Metro D in good conditions can hold on for a little longer, so some of them remained in service till summer of 2010 when Netown Ave Garage recieved more buses through the bus assignments of the buses they are receiving and sending out some of their NABI Suburbans to other garages as they need those so that they can replace their Flxible Metro D suburban with the bus fleet assignment in task. With the delivery of new buses meeting Newtown's Bus fleet requirement, this will be the end for Flxible Metro D.

In addtion to bus action videos, train and bus ride videos are included as well.

Please feel free to comment. :P

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Today July 1, SEPTA raised fare again. All Fares except Base Fare has increased. The biggest change is the use of tickets in specific time period. For instance, if you board on trains arriving or departing Center City Philadelphia Stations on weekdays where the time is from start of service to 7 P.M., the ticket required for that time of travel is the weekday ticket. Weekday tickets is formally known as Peak Ticket. This applies for passengers boarding any trains between those time even if those passengers are traveling off peak (when passengers board trains to/from Center City Philadelphia. at 9 A.M., 10 A.M., etc). There use to be off peak time period on weekdays after morning peak time period ended beyond 9 A.M. As part of the fare plan, the weekday off peak time period for that time of travel has been eliminated and traveling during that time of period requires weekday tickets.

Weekday Evening & Weekend tickets (formally known as off peak tickets) are use for travel on weekday evenings for Trains arriving/departing Center City Philadelphia beyond 7 P.M. till the last train of the day, all day weekend, and major holidays.

Quite an interesting fare change with this move that SEPTA commenced as an effort to gain more revenue.

Got a video for the description of it

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This forum is for discussion of SEPTA's Regional Rail System. The Rail Division here has 13 Rail Lines there. Currently their route are named with R# series (Ex. R1-R3, R5-R7, there's no R4). SEPTA announced that due to service improvement the R# series will be discontinued on July 25th and instead, lines will be named to their terminal stations (Ex. Paoli Local, etc.). Source:http://planphilly.com/septa-change-regional-rail-designations

SEPTA Regional Rail operates a good variety of trains in their fleet. Silverliner IV Railcars are the primary trains that SEPTA operates at all times. Silverliner II and III Railcars are also the trains that SEPTA operates in all of the lines thought they mainly operate on weekdays, but they still sometimes operate on few trains on the weekend as well. Silverliner II and III are due to be replaced starting this fall. Push-Pull Fleet consisting of Comet I, II, and III rail cars that are attached to AEM-7 or ALP-44 locomotive are trains that only operates on several Express and Limited Trains during Rush Hours. Those trains were best operate on them since SEPTA only needed extra trains during those time period. Comet I railcars were aquired from NJ Transit to provide extra cars to SEPTA's fleet during rush hour period for service. Comet II and III are owned by SEPTA. There are 7 AEM-7 and one ALP-44 locomotives in the fleet. The ALP-44 was a locomotive provide by ABB to SEPTA as an agreeement for the compensation of the late delivery of SEPTA's Norristown Trolley Rail Cars. With this locomotive, this is why some people say that on some trains ocassionally, this is unique because this SEPTA's only ALP-44 locomotive as the rest of the push pull fleet uses AEM-7 locomotive. Finally, SEPTA's Silverliner V are being constructed and delivery to SEPTA. The three completed pilot cars are being tested on the tracks and should enter service starting this Fall. These cars has a really good design and technology in it. I can't wait to ride them soon.

Here is the video of it:

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As of today, SEPTA no longers uses the R# Signs for its destination. Instead it will be named as according to its destination Ex. Thorndale/Paoli Line to Malvern.

This is among the improvement to eliminate confusion to tourist though me along with other everyday rider are said to see the R#'s are history.


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Suburban Buses are buses that serves the suburban area (About 20 miles away from the city). Including West Chester, King Of Prussia, Norristown, Plymouth Meeting that are among the places where a high number of passengers travel there in the suburbs and came there from every indivdual bus routes that travel there primarily into primary bus terminal like King of Prussia Mall, Plymouth Meeting Malls, and more to transfer to other route if they are traveling to other destination other than there main destination there like King Of Prussia Mall, Plymouth Meeting Mall, and others. Suburban buses mostly uses New Flyers D40LF and DE40LF/LFR and Eldorado Transmark RE buses, but there are others as well.

King Of Prussia Mall

New Flyer DE40LFR is seen leaving the mall.


Two Hybrids at the mall area.


New Flyer DE40LF is seen pulling into the mall.


New Flyer DE40LFR is seen pulling into the mall.


Another shot of two hybrids at the mall area.


Plymouth Meeting Mall

NABI 416 departs Plymouth Meeting Mall


Eldorado Transmark RE arrives at Plymouth Meeting Mall


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On August 14th, I took a trip to the town of West Chester. It is located approximately 20 miles south of Exton and it is easy to get there by traveling on Pottstown Pike to there where also the Exton Square Mall is located near that Pottstown Pike road as well. West Chester is so beautiful and has lots of great brand name shops, restaurant and arts/cultures there. Below photos are buses taken at or near the West Chester Bus Terminal on Market Street. Please pardon me for some of the photos that turned out average, but it still worth the quality on getting it. Next time, I'll improve my photo skills by standing on the other side of the sidewalk opposite from the bus terminal to get good pictures of it.

2001 Eldorado National Transmark RE 29 ft #4540 is seen departing West Chester Bus Terminal on Route 92 to other parts of West Chester including West Chester University.


2004 New Flyer D40LF #5950 departs West Chester Bus Terminal on Route 104 going to West Chester University.



2010 New Flyer DE40LFR #8401 departs West Chester Bus Terminal on Route 92 to King of Prussia Mall




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Looks like you had a good expedition :lol: I'm curious though, are these photos stills from the videos you posted? I wouldn't mind if stills from my videos came out this clear. Often their way too pixilated.

Yeah, my camera has a feature that allows me take photos from my videos that I recorded. I thought that there will be no pictures during the trip, but I underestimate it. The pictures are 640x480.

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I was looking through some SEPTA Ad's and I found this.


The engine sound seems to be from another bus. :P

That bus is #8099, It really has a Cummins ISL engine with ZF tranny. Im not sure why Video editors use recordings from other buses. I guess it's due to the low sound, it probably does not pick up from the front where the camera is recording.


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That bus is #8099, It really has a Cummins ISL engine with ZF tranny. Im not sure why Video editors use recordings from other buses. I guess it's due to the low sound, it probably does not pick up from the front where the camera is recording.


A lot of movies do the same thing, using different bus engines for buses, I think its a copyright thing.

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This past weekend I visited Philadelphia to celebrate my 30th Birthday. Here are some photos taken to mark the event:

New Flyer DE40LFR 8428 in South Philadelphia:


NABI 5020 working the 10 Trolley shuttle:


PCC-II car #2336 on Girard Avenue:


New Flyer DE40LF #8135 posing with the moon and Penns Landing sign:


New Flyer Trackless Trolley production unit #800 under diesel power:


Sliverliner II Budd car #166 at Wayne Junction:


Two Market-Frankford Trains passing Huntington Station:


New Flyer D40LF #5771 at Broad & Cecil B. Moore Blvd at Temple University:


Norristown High Speed Line Car #150 at Norristown T.C:


Kawasaki Car #9102 on Elmwood Avenue:


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