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Paperbus Thread

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This place really doesn't look like the one I saw more than ten years ago!... xD

Anyway here is a new one, this time 'flying' back into Spain with a superb Setra S319 GT-HD of Monbus.


As far as I have been mada aware, these seem to have been mostly - if not totally - phased out, replaced by the S517 HD, including this one, license plate「8184 CZR」, which has been on sale through Monbus' own website, along with Irizar models dating from as late as 2012.

A funny remark about it: it is as old as my Mazda Tribute - both first operational since 2004 - but apparently looks slightly better than my Mazda (not that I don't mistreat my car anyway, I just acquired it with some very few traces of rust and rear bumper a little broken on the left corner).

Now from Spain into Switzerland, the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHDM (13 meters) of Rattin Carreisen AG in the canton of Schaffhausen.


This combination of pink and light crimson had been on my mind for some time, but only now I could keep enough guts to go ahead.

As usual, please refer and ABIDE by the rules cited on the signature footnote below (ask for them if using the mobile format site).


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3 minutes ago, 43 Kennedy said:

YRT 2010-2011 New Flyer D40LFR {REDO}


YRT 2010-2011 ElDorado EZ Rider II MAX BRT


Can you do the Billy Bishop Shuttle? Much appreciated. 

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1 hour ago, 43 Kennedy said:

Any specific unit #..? They have different liveries.

Unit #2808 would be great. Thank you.

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Just so folks will know that I'm still around, here's a replica of the newest local transit buses for Houston, Texas (Houston METRO).  This is the NovaBus LFS CNG model and we're getting 20 (+10 option).


Nova-LFS (4th Gen CNG) (Houston METRO) (part 1).png

Nova-LFS (4th Gen CNG) (Houston METRO) (part 2).png

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Here's my next go, one which may be already rounding the world in this very moment.


Avanti Reisen of Freiburg, Germany, is well known for proposing very long range coach voyages, notably the Silk Road from Germany to China, and the round-the-world trip, taking them by the Silk Road into Hong Kong, then crossing the Pacific ocean into Alaska.

From there, it's an even longer way, destination being Tierra del Fuego at the Southernmost place before Antarctica.

This is where this epic round-the-world trip ends; I don't know what happens to the bus next, but my best guess is that a ship will get it up the two Atlantics back to Germany.

So this particular coach is an European travel federation rated five stars (Luxusliner) Setra S 515 HDH, and I plan to design it by next Friday morning (my local time).

If you're interested in one, some or all the other models Avanti Reisen has, tell it before Friday.

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