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Paperbus Thread

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Here are my new (paper bus) paint jobs for the Sunlight Transit series.

PS: The NYCDOT license number is completely fictional.

Local Buses

GMC RTS 01 Slope

Sunlight Transit GMC RTS 01 Slope (Alt).PNG

MCI Classic II

Sunlight Transit GMC&MCI Classic II (ALT).PNG

Flxible Metro-40 Foot

Sunlight Transit Flxible Metro 40-Foot (ALT).PNG

Orion V

Sunlight Transit OriOn V (ALT).PNG

NABI 40-LFW Series


Sunlight Transit NABI 40-LFW ALT (\'08 diesel version).PNG

Compressed Natural Gas (CNGs)

Sunlight Transit (ALT) NABI 40-LFW (\'08 CNG version) (part 1).png

Sunlight Transit (ALT) NABI 40-LFW (\'08 CNG version) (part 2).png

Hybrid Electric Bus

Sunlight Transit (ALT) NABI 40-LFW (\'08 Hybrid version) (part 1).png

Sunlight Transit (ALT) NABI 40-LFW (\'08 hybrid version) (part 2).png

Express Buses

MCI D4500 Commuter Coach

Sunlight Transit MCI D4500 Commuter Coach (ALT).PNG

Prevost X3-45 (with ADA Access)

Sunlight Transit ALT Prevost X3-45 (ADA).PNG

I've spent the last two days creating the new paint job. I hope you like it.

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Well here is the LADOT ElDorado EZ Rider BRT. It's 35FT Brother shall be done soon

Kawai, the wheels are awesome!

Here is the preparation for the V1.5 of my Neoplan N517 Starliner, which was dramatically updated in the roof, and front and rear ends.

Now it is really looking like that amazing N517 Starliner we have here in Europe!



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I am preparing a Beulas for specific use in North America, so if anyone is interested, you can ask me any livery you want.

Besides, I am creating the NY MTA, something that tempted me for this.

(YAY, first time posting from my brand new 3DS!!)

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Finally, the apparently impossible was achieved!

I guess I don't need to say anything else.





If anyone want this into an exact 1/87 scale, I can prepare you these - and other paintings on them you may want to request - into a special bitmap. :)

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To start off this year, I've decided to make some overall fleets of random transit agencies to start something new (hopefully). Some of them will include buses, light rail, commuter coach, or commuter rail.

The first section will be Chicago RTA, which includes Pace suburban bus, Metra commuter rail, and the Chicago CTA. (P.S, im in the process of completing the metra and cta) Enjoy!!

Pace NABI 35-LFW.png

Pace NABI 40-LFW (\'07 version) (Version 1).png

Pace orionvii.png

Pace orionvii AC.png

Pace ElDorado National EZ-Rider II BRT1.png

ElDorado National ElDorado Axess BRT AC.png

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Here is a "could be" bus on the new JR Bus Tohoku livery, exactly the same livery you see on Japan's new Shinkansen E5 Series "Hayabusa".


I will somehow apply this painting on the REAL vehicle, the Hino S'elega, which - as you know - I have designed more than a year ago.


Hope you enjoy it! :)

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It's a bit uglier than the 400 Class, but in the meantime, it has to be...


But that will be for later, after I do some jobs first!... :P

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Do you want it in this style?

Blue&Green OriOn V CNG.png

CNG Panel.jpg

Here are some more buses in the same style:


Blue&Green NABI 40-LFW (\'08 CNG version) (part 1).png

Blank NABI 40-LFW (\'08 CNG version) (part 2).png

NABI 40-LFW Hybrid

Blue&Green NABI 40-LFW (\'08 Hybrid version) 1.png

Blank NABI 40-LFW (\'08 hybrid version) 2.png

(in my Chief Keef voice) that's what i do like!!! Thank you for creating the MetroBus scheme.

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...There goes a bunch of 'em!...

The N517 Starliner C is back, revised and now in the authentic 1/87 scale*!! :D


Nussbaum Reisen (real bus, http://i285.photobuc...sbaum001fh0.jpg) is the next one, but you can still start asking for more, or use this one for your own paintings!... :D


*To achieve this scale, always remember to uncheck the "Adapt the image to frame" option, or you won't finish with the preset scale (moreover, certain pieces at the extremes of the bitmap come cutted off).

Edited by MegaMoonLiner

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hey question can you send me the link to it please.

About trains, there's a thread that I started, many time ago, but I gave myself the job to get a well detailed T1 to you: http://www.cptdb.ca/...ndpost&p=445354

Anything rail papercraft related, you speak it there, as this is for bus papercrafts only. ;)

Oh, and by the way, welcome to CPTDB! :)


Another good looking Neoplan N517 Starliner, boys! :D


And also a revision on my Volvo 9700 13m, which gave birth to a shorter 12,20m model, as a subsequent product.

They are still at 1/87 scale! ^_^


For blank papercrafts of these, ask me and I'll deliver them in few time!

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working on a fictional paper bus fleet. I slightly modified the paint scheme for the transit system I am creating (Holmesville MTA MetroBus), and Mr. Hank came up with a brilliant scheme, so....... which is better.... black trim or no trim? Or frameless windows?

test bus.png

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I have created a lot of my own paperbuses by hand, I will update my site and post some. I don't have time for that now, I'm at school. Just check out the link in my signature- to the paperbus page.

Cool buses! Good to know I'm not the only one who makes hand-drawn paper buses. :)

Been so busy with school I haven't made any new creations. I have an El Dorado Axess and an XN40 drawn, just haven't gotten around to making them.

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Thanks for these ...joined here for the buses and trains...they are amazing!!!!

Welcome, Dartlynx! :)

I joined long ago for the same reason.


BIG pack for this evening, to celebrate the acquisition this company assigned to me!!

Van Hool TX Astromega (13,20m):



Beulas Mythos (13,20m):



Beulas Aura (12,20m):




The value of all this set (6x Beulas Aura at 1/80 scale, and 1x Van Hool TX Astromega and Beulas Mythos, both at 1/45 scale) would normally nearing the equivalent to 200$, but two of them are part of a special offer, so this set beats around 150$.

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I have a request:

Can someone do the DesignLine Eco-Smart I?

Thanks. :)

...I would need it, too, but in Japanese specs!...

Good luck to who want to try it out, that round front part is particularly hard to design!


Atomic Algarve with layout chassis from Scania!

It is the first of a new series of papercrafts I am opening, the Magnum Class Edition! :D



The next Magnum Class Edition will be the 2012 Hyundai Universe, and is going on at about 60% done.


And to finish this day, the giant 18m Neoplan Jumbocruiser, which appears - and will be built - for the occasion of Buchard Voyages' 60 years (1953 - 2013)!





::: EDIT ::: Pages 3 and 4 reposted, after some missing elements spotted.

Edited by MegaMoonLiner

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Ready for testing, the preceiding model of the Volvo 9900!


Plus the latest Buchard Voyages 10,8m Beulas Cygnus, whose stickers were finally applied yesterday morning! :D



The Setra TopClass S415 HDH.

setra s415_hdh_kuhaku_pt1.png

setra s415_hdh_kuhaku_pt2.png

The gift to Buchard Voyages' 60 years (1953 - 2013).

I organized the bellows and wheel parts into a separated sheet (page 4), for those who want to build this on glossy paper, so you can print the 4th sheet on ordinary paper, building a more realistic-looking papercraft.





You should end up with something like this.


Edited by MegaMoonLiner

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Just a Test model I was working on

I guess this model looks familiar with someone else's papercraft...?

Just checking...


Setra TopClass S415 HD, ready to paint!

setra s415_hd_kuhaku_pt1.png

setra s415_hd_kuhaku_pt2.png

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