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San Mateo County Transit District - SamTrans

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Here was the Proterra demo that was leased to SamTrans. I took the photos of it white on 9/22/18. I took the pics of it in the SamTrans wrap on 11/3/18. I did get inside on both days with my friends (they work at SamTrans), but I did not take any interior photos for some reason. I did ride it on 11/3/18 and I got an interior video, but that was it. This bus is no longer there, but 2 SamTrans units have already arrived. I have so much footage of stuff now that I be forgetting to post stuff like this. lol


Took these pics on 12/2/18 of the first 2 of 10 SamTrans Proterras. The leased demo is gone. I could not look inside these units unlike the demo since these two were locked; (friend at SamTrans couldn't get in).


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