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MCI's first 2011 models will begin rolling off the assembly line in August. Customers will find more of the good looks, great ride and performance features they've come to love, along with some new items and options to make the journey even better.

General improvements

J4500, D4505 and D4005 models will benefit from a variety of improvements. New features and options include an upgraded Smartwave® tire-pressure monitoring system with "always-on" sensors, a new shift-inhibit feature to help prevent drivers from accidentally putting a coach into gear, a digital wheel-end shutdown feature that works with other monitoring systems, a program for seatbelt retrofits, wide-aspect Blaupunkt monitors, updated Wi-Fi that will accommodate more users, a new Blaupunkt microphone, power windshield blinds and more.

New lighter, more effective cooling packages

MCI has redesigned its cooling package and fan drive to accommodate engines compliant with 2010 EPA standards. The new system will be installed on all coaches even before the new engines make their debut. "The new cooling package is significantly lighter, quieter, and more corrosion resistant, which is good for fuel mileage, performance, and payload capacity," says Brent Danielson, director of engineering for MCI. "We cut this new design in ahead of the engine change to provide the product improvement to our customers."

Lighting improvements

All MCI coaches continue to move to LED lighting for lower power draw, cooler operation and energy efficiency. Look to 2011 models for new LED kneeling lights, reading lights, blue under-seat lights and more, depending on the model.

Models at a glance

Steering the J4500: The industry's best-selling coach will look comfortingly familiar for 2011, with a few welcome changes inside. Most significantly, the J4500 will gain as an option the steerable tag axle familiar to drivers of the E4500. The steerable tag axle gives the J4500 a tighter turning radius of 45 feet, two feet tighter than the basic configuration. New basic features include an ABS entrance-door panel, LED tube overhead aisle lights and LED accent lighting.

Refining the E4500: MCI's luxury flagship coach continues to attract passengers with its excellent ride, responsiveness and suite of passenger amenities. Other new optional features include a driver's seat with three-point seatbelt, LED tube overhead aisle lights, and LED accent lighting.

Smoothing the D-Series: The D-Series touring models will ride on front-axle Koni shocks for 2011, contributing to a smoother, more responsive ride. Other improvements include LED courtesy lighting in the parcel racks, and four 10" Blaupunkt video monitors as standard equipment.

Source: http://www.mcicoach.com/fyiFromMci/story/0610.htm

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Interesting that the D series will receive video monitors as standard equipment. I wonder if this applies to the transit models as well? Southwest Transit has video monitors on some of their MCI D4500s and I never understood why since they have no use for them. I suppose a transit authority could make a DVD of rider alerts to pop in though or make some money playing infomercials :D

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Same with the Gilligs in Dayton, nothing really to put on there... though they might start advertising on them.

They actually play TV shows and have GPS navigation on the video monitors on buses in Hong Kong I believe.

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Some info on 2010 engine changes from MCI:


Very interesting. So the DD13 is an option. I guess MCI has worked something out with Daimler, or Daimler found it more profitable if they changed their stance on selling their engines outside the group. The MaxxForce 13 should be interesting if it is accepted. Using the EGR solution for 2010, companies have a choice if they do not want to invest in SCR and DEF.

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Very interesting. So the DD13 is an option. I guess MCI has worked something out with Daimler, or Daimler found it more profitable if they changed their stance on selling their engines outside the group. The MaxxForce 13 should be interesting if it is accepted. Using the EGR solution for 2010, companies have a choice if they do not want to invest in SCR and DEF.

Some more information regarding 2011 engines:



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Surprised there wasn't a topic for MCI yet, so I'll start one off with this press release for the newly redesigned 2013 J4500:



Aesthetically redesigned, mechanically enhanced:

MCI Introduces 2013 MCI J4500 coach

Peter Pan first to purchase

SCHAUMBURG, IL — June 28, 2012 — At MCI, being Reliability Driven also means knowing how to refine a good thing. Customers have made the MCI J4500 a best-seller for eight years running. And now, MCI is giving operators new reasons to add the 2013 J4500 to fleets — including some eye-catching style changes.

Off line this fall, the 2013 J4500 has been redesigned for heightened curb appeal and a more elevated presence while providing workhorse reliability and a modern look to fit perfectly with existing J4500 fleets.

Peter Pan, one of the largest private operators, liked the concept from the start and will be the first to take delivery of the 2013 J4500 off the assembly line this fall.

The new concept draws on part of the J4500's history. MCI turned to BMW Group Designworks USA, which led the designs of the E4500 and J4500. The company's designers have worked on such diverse projects as yachts, world-class industrial farm equipment and the Rolls-Royce Phantom. In the case of the 2013 J4500, Designworks engineers collaborated with MCI engineers, who turned to current J4500 customers for input. Chief among customer criteria: a coach that has "presence" and "curb appeal," while providing workhorse reliability and a modern look that nevertheless fits in with existing J4500 fleets. MCI also wanted the coach to be safer and more reliable than ever before.

"The redesign gave us the opportunity to make several key improvements to the lighting, body bumpers and serviceability," said Brent Danielson, the MCI engineering team leader. "We think customers are going to find the 2013 J4500 a welcomed addition to their fleets."

For improvement's sake: The high-style high and low beam headlamps, now serviceable from outside the coach, are brighter and more durable with full LEDs set in stainless steel to resist corrosion and sealed to reduce wind and air intrusion. The ID, clearance and marker lights are higher as well to enhance visibility and the coach's nighttime profile.

On the rear of the coach, LED tail and brake lights are four-inch rounds set in an attractive bezel and placed higher for improved visibility, while remaining easily replaceable for ease-of-service. This touch also modernizes the back of the coach. MCI design team created a smooth modern rear cap while providing increased space for branding.

The new front and rear bumpers are significantly more durable.

Safety, simplified diagnostics and near double-digit fuel economy

Safety continues to lead the list of priorities. The smooth, wide-ride J4500 comes equipped with safety technologies such as electronic stability control along with upgraded tire-pressure monitoring and fire-suppression systems. Customers can choose from available MCI tested three-point belted seats, including a standard three-point driver seat with a noticeable two-inches of additional legroom.

Drivers and mechanics alike will be pleased with the less complex, more reliable diagnostics on the 2013 J4500. The coach now features a multiplexing system proven on MCI D-Series coaches for the past two years. Offering reduced wiring and fewer modules, the system change comes with a new ergonomic, easy-interfacing driver dash layout with backlit switches and illuminated, easy-to-replace gauges. The driver cockpit provides a new focal point featuring interior upgrades with appealing trim, improved lighting and more connectivity.

Equipped with a Cummins or optional Detroit Diesel engine, the new J4500 promises at least an eight percent fuel-economy gain, and, in some applications, it's up to double digits. MCI continues to collect data.

Peter Pan was a notable first customer for the first J4500s, placing an initial order of 12 coaches back in 2001. "We've always liked the curb appeal of the J4500, and the new design is a great fit into our existing fleet of 125 MCI J4500 coaches," said Peter Picknelly, Chairman of Peter Pan. Peter Pan is one of the largest privately owned intercity bus companies in the United States, with a modern fleet of about 300 vehicles.

If Peter Pan's interest is any indication, the redesigned J4500 is on track to continue to lead the industry with outstanding good looks and stand-out reliability.

To learn more, please visit www.mcicoach.com/newJ4500.

About MCI

Motor Coach Industries (MCI), based in Schaumburg, Illinois, is the leading manufacturer of intercity coaches in the U.S. and Canada. Reliability driven, MCI builds expertly engineered, best-selling models for the tour, charter, line-haul, commuter and transit markets. MCI also offers 24-hour technical support, industry-leading technician training and the most extensive aftermarket parts and repair service.

Press contact: Patricia Plodzeen Public Relations, 847-283-0883; or Motor Coach Industries Marketing Department, 847-285-2035.

Source: http://mcicoach.com/media-center/2012-06-28-j4500.htm

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Staying young: Peter Pan first in nation to order redesigned MCI® J4500 coach

SCHAUMBURG, IL — November 6, 2012 — When your name is Peter Pan, it's almost a given that you'll strive for a youthful appearance. It should come as no surprise that when Peter Pan Bus Lines, Springfield, Massachusetts, heard its most relied-upon coach model was about to undergo a major redesign, it was first to place an order.

One of the largest privately owned motor coach companies in the U.S., Peter Pan has now added these new 2013 MCI J4500s to its fleet, assuring that its passengers will be among the first on the block to enjoy the model's cutting-edge good looks, more leg room and a smoother ride, along with new clean-diesel engine technology that helps the coach reduce emissions and burn less fuel. The coaches additionally feature wheelchair lifts, three-point seatbelts, Wi-Fi, and 110-volt outlets at each of the 54 seats that make it easy for passengers to use their laptops and other devices.

Peter Pan has a record of firsts when it comes to MCI coaches. Peter Pan was also the first operator to purchase the first J4500s, with an initial order of 12, in 2001 when MCI launched the model. Ranked the best-selling coach in the U.S. and Canada for eight years running, the model is popular for its many passenger amenities, including an easy-boarding patented spiral entryway, tiered theatre seating and its easy maintenance. Made by the nation's leading builder of motor coaches in the U.S. and Canada, both the original and 2013 MCI J4500s were designed with the help of BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

In addition, all Peter Pan coaches feature a GPS system that the company uses to eliminate unnecessary idling and help monitor speeds and braking to improve fuel efficiency by up to 8 percent.

"We're very impressed with the new J model," said Peter A. Picknelly, CEO and Chairman of Peter Pan Bus Lines. "MCI has taken what is already a terrific vehicle and modernized it further. The graffiti-proof lavatory is a real winner, and the spiral entryway makes a nice first impression and has strong customer appeal. We are very pleased to be the first recipient."

"It's a good-looking and durable coach," said Tom Picknally, Senior Vice President, Maintenance, who adds that the company has been buying MCI coaches for some 40 years. "Our routes face a wide array of challenges from weather, to road quality, to interior wear, and MCI has done a good job meeting our criteria in the models they offer."

"MCI is honored to mark another first with Peter Pan," said Patricia Ziska, MCI Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Private Sector. "As the one of the leading operators in the nation, Peter Pan has some of the highest standards, and they demand highly reliable coaches. We're very pleased that our J4500 suits their operation. By taking the first J4500s in 2001, Peter Pan set in motion the model's best-selling ranking, and we anticipate that to repeat in the years to come."

According to Picknally, Peter Pan's relationship with MCI began in the early 1970s, after the company had a chance to see the durability of the MC-5 coaches operated by others in the Northeast and opted for the 40 foot MC-8.

In addition to its Springfield headquarters, Peter Pan operates office and garage facilities in Boston and Central Connecticut, employing 1000 people companywide. Peter Pan and Greyhound cooperatively operate a fast-growing new bus service, BoltBus, to provide "city center to city center" service using internet-based sales and non-terminal pick-up locations. BoltBus vehicles feature Wi-Fi, electrical plug-ins and increased legroom. Peter Pan and Greyhound are also planning the future launch of a new jointly operated bus line, Yo! Bus, which will offer affordable service for customers in New York and Philadelphia who like the convenience of a Chinatown stop.

Today, the company serves over four million passengers a year and logs over 25 million miles annually. Learn more at www.peterpanbus.com.

MCI press release.


It's a very sleek looking coach!

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