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Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

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VTA has announced service changes to some bus routes and light rail.

Light Rail: Service has been revised on these 3 Lines

  • Green Line: Old Ironsides - Winchester
  • Blue Line: Baypointe - Santa Teresa
  • Orange Line: Mountain View - Alum Rock

And the 523 Rapid has been Implemented as a part of these service changes.

More about these service changes:


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Ahh, VTA, you and your Gilligs.

I'm no fan of the things, but I'm downright impressed how many 2001 "first-generation" Gilligs are still in full service. Here is 1039 departing the half-open Berryessa BART station on a quiet Saturday morning:


Then, 1044 rubs elbows with Kinki-Sharyo LRVs in Mountain View:


Meanwhile in DTSJ, 1031 enters the home stretch of its long trip from Gilroy on Route 68. Look directly into the souls of those tire treads!


Up top, 2107 is one of a handful of 35-foot buses in the fleet. They're quite common on Route 59:


After freshly announced reductions to the express network, what will become of the express buses? Perhaps it will be more common to see them on local routes, as 6205 suggests on the elusive Route 51H (...although the scheduler in me suspects this bus is coming from an earlier trip on an express route):


Ugh, enough! Gotta wash that down with a New Flyer:



Couldn't help but think what it was like 15-20 years ago, when this would have a been a Flxible exhibit...

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