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Transit in Hong Kong

Orion V

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The first photos of the new Citybus Airport Flyer E50D are now circulating online! These photos were taken in Edinburgh, when one of the brand new units was test driven by Lothianm Buses:



The City Flyer colors look great on the new E50D, the shiny black leather seats are one welcoming surprise!


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MTR orders new trains for Sha Tin – Central Link

MTR has placed an order with Hyundai Rotem for 37 trains to run on the new North-South Corridor of the Shatin to Central Link (SCL).

Hong Kong’s North-South Corridor, which is due to be completed in 2020, will extend the existing East Rail Line across the harbour to Wan Chai North and Admiralty.

Hyundai Rotem will supply 37 nine-car trains at a cost of HK $4 billion (US $516 million).

The rolling stock manufacturer has also supplied trains for Hong Kong’s Tseung Kwan O Line and the Tung Chung Line.

The contract includes design, supply, manufacture, testing and commissioning of the new trains, which are scheduled for delivery in 2015.

MTR has also announced a HK$850 million (US$110 million) re-signalling contract with Siemens to update the East Rail Line.

Jay Walder, chief executive of MTR Corporation, said: “The award of these two contracts to provide 37 new trains and an upgraded signalling system is an important step forward in our commitment to enhance train service along the East Rail Line and its future extension across the harbour.

“Passengers can not only enjoy better train service, but will also have easier access to various districts via a more sophisticated railway network.”

Source: http://www.rail.co/2012/12/17/mtr-orders-new-north-south-corridor-trains/

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Last month, KMB announced it will buy 370 new double decker buses from Alexander Dennis, also purchasing 3 hybrid buses in 2014.

KMB invests HK$1b in new-generation greener buses

Kowloon Motor Bus will introduce new double-decker buses to the city’s streets that use less fuel and emit less pollution than many of its current buses – whose engines already meet the Euro V emission standards introduced in 2008.

KMB, the city’s largest bus operator, has purchased, at the cost of HK$1 billion, 370 “new-generation” E500 buses built by British manufacturer Alexander Dennis Limited.

The new E500 buses will be in service starting from March next year and will be used on routes connecting the city centre with towns in the New Territories, such as Sheung Shui, Tin Shui Wai and Yuen Long.

The new buses were 5 per cent lighter and would emit 10 per cent less carbon that the current E500 model, but allow them to take on 10 per cent more passengers, KMB said. There will also be fuel savings for the company from a more efficient air-conditioning system and internal LED lighting.

The new-generation buses “are equipped with the most environment-friendly Euro V [emissions standard] engine on the market, whose chassis is compatible with future Euro VI engine development and even the hybrid or battery-electric driveline,” KMB said on Friday.

The company also planned to introduce buses with Euro VI [emission standard] engines, which were now being tested in Europe, late next year, said James Louey, KMB’s commercial director.

Louey would not comment on whether the new purchases would generate pressure to increase bus fares, noting that uncontrollable costs such as fuel, tyres and salaries were increasing. He said he hoped the new buses would help reduce the cost of business over their 17-year lifespan.

As the fleet ages, we will replace the old buses with the new ones as we promised with the government, said Louey.

The company plans to spend over HK$5 billion to replace 1,800 of its buses – almost half of KMB’s fleet – in the coming five years, he said.

Three hybrid-fuelled buses will be added to the fleet in the middle of 2014.

from: http://www.scmp.com/...n-greener-buses

KMB press release:


KMB and ADL Co-develop New Generation of E500 Bus More eco-friendly as CO2emissions reduced by 10%

To further improve the KMB fleet’s environmental performance and get ready for the coming Euro VI engine and hybrid technology, KMB, true to its pioneering tradition, has been working with British bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) to co-develop the new generation E500 Euro V air-conditioned double-deck bus. 370 brand new E500 double-deckers ordered by KMB will arrive in Hong Kong in early 2013 for deployment on routes connecting the urban area with new towns in the New Territories.

The new generation E500 double-decker features a raft of environmental designs, including space set aside on the bus chassis for future upgrade to the Euro VI engine. Fuel savings and a reduction of 10% in carbon emissions have been made by reducing the body weight by 700 kilograms and introducing a more energy-efficient air-conditioning system.

“As one of the largest bus operators in the world, KMB has been working closely with vehicle manufacturers worldwide and proactively participating in bus design projects. KMB’s engineering team takes account of passenger needs and local road conditions to co-design a more environment-friendly bus type boasting more safety features as well as giving a more comfortable ride,” said Mr. James Louey, KMB’s Commercial Director, who earlier went to Britain to receive the new bus.

“When launching a new bus type, KMB will invite its partner to produce a prototype, which will be rigorously tested before undergoing commissioning and licensing procedures from the Transport Department prior to its introduction on Hong Kong roads,” Mr. Louey said.

Mr. Louey added that the purchase of the new generation E500 buses is an important element in KMB’s five-year purchasing plan, in which the Company will spend over 5 billion dollars to replace 1,800 old buses, almost half of KMB’s total fleet. In view of the rapid development of vehicle technology, when negotiating with ADL, KMB specially requested that the new generation E500 buses must be able to anticipate future engine technology development.

Mr. Kane Shum, KMB’s Principal Engineer, Bus Engineering, pointed out that a bus engine meeting or exceeding Euro VI emission standards is expected to come on stream soon as prototype buses continue to be tested in Europe. This accounts for the design of the new generation E500 bus, already equipped with the most environment-friendly Euro V engine on the market, whose chassis is compatible with future Euro VI engine development and even the hybrid or battery-electric driveline.

As Mr. Shum explained, the flexibility of the chassis design means that KMB will be in a position to implement rapid introduction of the latest environment-friendly buses in the future. In addition, the driveline and air-conditioning systems of the new generation E500 buses have been improved, which can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The LED lighting in the saloon and on the bus’s body also help reduce energy consumption.

To enhance the fuel efficiency of the new generation E500 bus, KMB and ADL engineers have given a lot of thought to improving the bus body structure, the seats and the destination display, as well as the air conditioning system. The resulting improvements have helped reduce the body weight of the bus by 700 kilograms and in turn the fuel consumption. The E500 bus also features the new gearbox-relatedtelematics system which can help enhance driving safety and improve fuel efficiency.

Mr. Shum also introduced the enhanced safety features of the new generation E500 bus, including the new square staircase concept and the double handrail on the stairs, which together enable passengers to go up and down the stairs more easily and safely, as well as providing more space for passengers. Wider seats have been installed in the upper saloon, while the rearmost seats in the lower saloon have been equipped with a new hip restraint and an additional handrail for extra safety and comfort. With the enhanced design, the new generation E500 bus can provide a total of 90 seats.

KMB will fully utilise the fuel-saving advantages of the new generation E500 buses, deploying them to run on long-haul routes between the New Territories and the urban areas.

For more on the new generation E500 bus, please click this link: http://www.youtube.c...?v=YpK0i5kdp1s.


Mr. James Louey (third from right), KMB’s Commercial Director, earlier went to Britain to receive the new E500 bus.


Mr. James Louey (left), KMB’s Commercial Director, and Mr. Kane Shum (right), KMB’s Principal Engineer, Bus Engineering, introduced the features of the new generation E500 bus.

Information of New Generation of E500 Bus

Length / Width / Height: 12000 mm (40 foot) / 2550 mm (100 inches) / 4398 mm (14 foot)

Chassis: Dennis Trident

Engine Type: Cummins ISL8.9E5 340B

Cylinder Capacity: 8849 cc

BHP: 250 kw @ 2100 rpm

Unladen Weight: 14990 kg

Expected Passenger Capacity: Seating: 90; Standees:46; Total: 136


from: http://www.kmb.hk/en...1212281815.html

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Major accident in Tuen Mun...'20 injured' in Hong Kong as two buses collide with container truck

TVB news: https://www.youtube....utu.be&t=17m28s

bus1.jpg?itok=O6If5BcKEmergency services inspect one of the buses.

More than 20 people were injured – four seriously – in a three-vehicle pile up in Tuen Mun on Friday afternoon.

Most of the injured were passengers on board a double-decker bus that was sandwiched by a container truck and another bus.

The accident happened on the slow lane of Wong Chu Road around 1.40pm.

A KMB route 66X bus rammed into the rear of the container truck and then was hit by a KMB route 961 bus from behind.

Both the front and rear parts of the route 66X bus were crushed, and the windscreen was broken.

Its driver was trapped in the cabin after the accident and rescuers took about 10 minutes to pull him out, said Ng Tze-yuen, Fire Services district officer in New Territories West.

Some of the injured had to be carried on stretchers to ambulances to be taken to hospital.

The truck driver told local media that he had stopped his vehicle near the kerb because of tyre problems. He said he had got out of the truck to change the tyres when the bus collided with it.

bus2.jpg?itok=vHOJEJLSThe buses collided in Tuen Mun.

In January this year, the driver of a tourist bus was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after his vehicle slammed into railings in Tsing Yi, injuring 12 people.

Just a month earlier, 24 people were injured - four seriously - after a bus collided with a coach near Hong Kong International Airport.

In November, 45 passengers were injured when three buses were involved in a pile-up on Johnston Road in Wan Chai during peak rush hour.

The most serious crash also happened in November, when a double-decker bus veered out of control and collided with a taxi, killing all three passengers in the car. One of the victims was an employee of British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. The driver of the bus was said to have fainted moments before the collision.


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Its really hard to tell unless you test both buses under the same test condition. Both types of buses put under rigorous test so I have confident in both type of buses.

I do not have confidence in ADL products. I have seen a photo of an HK-spec E400 being assembled. I could see no metal structural members in the front on the completed skeleton.

The HK bus that best withstands crashes should be Neoplan Centroliner.

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I do not have confidence in ADL products. I have seen a photo of an HK-spec E400 being assembled. I could see no metal structural members in the front on the completed skeleton.

The HK bus that best withstands crashes should be Neoplan Centroliner.

Driver is the crumple zone? :mellow:

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There was a train derailment in Hong Kong today. About 50 people got injured when multiple cars went off the rails in the north end of the city, throwing people onto the ground.


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I'm quite new here, and Bump..

I just came back from HK and captured some new buses from CTB

CTB also ordered new E500s that KMB ordered

The specs is probably similar or identical to the ones ordered by KMB (ZF Ecolife, Cummins ISLe 330HP)

Some pictures:


The 9115 (They usually run on Route 40,40M,37A)


The 8333 (They usually run on Cross-Harbor routes such as 102)

I wonder does it get added to the wiki

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KMB is asking for another fare hike: http://www.scmp.com/...s-fare-increase

I've actually realized in my past two trips to HK, there really is a noticeable difference riding KMB compared to CTB/NWFB in terms of fares if you're simply travelling local.

For example, I sometimes use the 1, 1A, 2, 6, or 9 to travel the short distance between TST and MK, yet the lowest fare possible is $4.50. Compare it from, say, Central to Causeway Bay (about the same distance and same nodes) on the 2, 5, or 5B, the highest fare possible is $4.10.

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Hey, an article about bus geeks!

In Hong Kong, Bus Fans Snap Photos of Their Favorite Models

Hong Kong has thousands of bus fans, who are enthralled by the city's some 6,000 buses.


The best part about it is, if you mention to any HK citizen "hot dog", 95% of them immediately know what you're talking about. It doesn't even have to be a transitfan.

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KMB is ordering Four 12.8 meter (42 feet) double decker buses, it is the longest in Hong Kong. Carrying 146 passengers. Two different models, 2 each: Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Turbo and Volvo B9TL.


KMB info: http://www.kmb.hk/en/news/press/archives/news201406022036.html

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