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Replacement for Queen of the North arrived

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A replacement vessel for the Queen of the North has arrived in British Columbia. The vessel once known as the "Sonia" is expected to be in service by Spring 2007. The replacement vessel replaces the overcrowded Queen of Prince Rupert, which temporarily served the Northern Passage after the Queen of the North sank.

The new replacement vessel is going to be named the "M/V Northern Adventure". There was some controversy about the vessel being named the "Hartley Bay" - after the community that gathered the assistance for the victims of the sinking, but despite that, the vessel will be named the Northern Adventure. The boat will come from Greece and sail to Victoria via the Panama Canal. The vessel is already in BC Ferries livery, but BC Ferries will force to pay a heavy price - $50 million dollars, plus duties and taxes.

Further information:



The vessel looks like this:


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