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GRT Retirements

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update. the rest of the 24xx are parked and retired since the virus started wont be back. the 26xx are in storage waiting there turn to be retired wont be returning from what i been told tod

2418 is now up for sale parts only and 2429 is being used for parts.

its been confirm the rest of the 23xx have been Retired.

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Add 2202 and 2203 to the retired list. Both are in the new annex at Strasburg parked behind retired 2201 (extensive accident damage) with all GRT marking peeled off and fareboxes removed.

As far as I know; 2200, 2204, 2205, 2206 and 2207 are all still in service.

If thats the case, the there must be an order coming in this year

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TTC9701, there is a new order coming - Xcelsiors 21601 to 21610. I know the wiki here says the order is cancelled, but my contacts say they have heard no such thing.

With Conestoga College students voting down the u-card proposal, the planned college route expansions are not happening. I'm guessing these will be used to replace the existing 2200's instead.

For that matter, maybe the 2300's will be in trouble now too? I can see GRT wanting to standardize on nothing but Novas and Xcelsiors for cost savings.

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i agree kt808 i see the 23xx going the same road as the 22xx next year.

Doesn't take a university degree to figure that out. They are the 2nd oldest in the fleet and are logically the next in line to be retired when new buses come in.

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5 minutes ago, Kit Kat said:

In another thread you said the order was cancelled.   Make up your mind already!  

The order was going to be cancelled but never was as the 2002 D40LF's are starting to fall apart.

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I've been told that all of them have been sold now. There is a lineup of retired buses parked outside, easily seen from Chandler Dr. I also saw a 212xx-series Nova parked beside them, which I assume is being repaired and just parked there temporarily. 

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1 hour ago, Josh said:

Seen a 22xx being towed by flat bed up Ottawa st yesterday, was too far away to see a number.

Must be on the way to the scrap yard.. Most of them or all of them I believe had scrappers bidding for them. 

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21 hours ago, Josh said:

Damn shame I tell ya...

Won't mind when they start hauling off the 23xx though!! Can't come soon enough lol.

Yup, talking to drivers very few say anything nice about the 2300's. Only good I hear is they are heavy and stick to the road well in winter. Other than that I don't think they will be missed much.

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