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Vancouver Transit Fanning Guidebook

Enviro 500

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On 8/7/2022 at 3:25 AM, Michael Marriott said:

The easiest place to get Orion V's will be at Bridgeport Canada Line Station during rush hour.  They are mainly assigned to Highway 99 express services that originate there (routes 352, 354, 601, 602, 603, 604).

The remaining D40LF's are based on the Vancouver Depot and will be on random runs on diesel routes (and occasionally on a trolley route).  They will assigned to random blocks on the 2, 9, 15/50, 22, 25 and 33.  It's best to check a tracker before trying to do any fanning of them.

If you want shots of trolleys with mountains the south end of the Granville St Bridge is a good spot, and is served by 5 trolley routes meaning you won't have to wait long for a photo.  Nanaimo St north of Hastings St on the 7 also gives you a good mountain backdrop, as does the hill on Main St between 2nd Ave and Broadway.

C40LFR's run out of the Port Coquitlam Depot, you'll have the best chance at finding them at the bus loops at Coquitlam Central or Lougheed Stations.

XN40's run out of Hamilton, Port Coquitlam and Surrey Depots.  They are the majority of the fleet in the latter two depots, so anywhere in their service area will have lots of XN40's.  If you want a little variety, Surrey is the only one to have XN40's with the updated paint scheme with a blue roofline instead of grey.  Scott Rd and Surrey Central Skytrain Stations will have lots of buses.

Thanks a bunch this really help me get a head start on getting my list setup! Definitely gonna check out those spots for the mountain backdrops. Can't let my entire collection just be terminal shots as that would be boring aha

18 hours ago, TechSpotlight said:

For Orions, I'd recommend southbound Hwy 99 & Steveston Highway sometime during PM rush.  Theres a stop right there you can get off at and get buses coming in.  The 311, 351, 352, 354, 601, 602, 603, 604, 620 and 900 all serve this stop and you can mostly get Orions, deckers, and suburban novas at this location.  Something a little different if you want to get out of the stations and do something not too many people usually do.

Just checked this spot on maps, thanks for the recommendation as along with it being a nice photospot I could also ride a V there and back from the NB side. Perfect for some highway action & videos!

2 hours ago, buizelbus said:

I concur. The Northbound stop is not bad either, although the southbound stop is way better.

At Bridgeport, the best place to stand is slightly south of the loop either on the west or east side, depending on lighting. There is a small grassy patch you can take photos on to avoid pedestrians and be aware of the traffic poles. The shot below was not great thanks to shadows from the poles above

49983327536_46c90944e6_k.jpg16205 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr

At Steveston and 99, just stand at the stop for SB, and across the street on the sidewalk beside the onramp for NB

46760937534_c8a22f6b4a_k.jpg9276 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr


I'm with you on this one, the SB stop looks way better from a traffic avoidance standpoint, although the NB stop is probably good if I post up on the island directly across the intersection


Bridgeport looks nice since everything exits in one direction, i'll probably stand a bit further back to the avoid the lights entirely.

Again thanks everyone for the pointers! Can't wait to get down there and start grabbing pics and rides!

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