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Charles Street terminal Escalator

Should the Region repalce the escalators at the Charles Street Terminal?  

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  1. 1. Should the Region repalce the escalators at the Charles Street Terminal?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Replace with Staircase

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The money that would go for a replaced escalator could probably be put to better use elsewhere, like new buses or more service. So what if the escalator is temporarily stairs?

Anyway, the transit network is going to get less terminal-focused over the next few years, and with GO and light rail this terminal will in any case be replaced with a multi-modal terminal at Victoria. So it may not be the time to be sinking money into the current terminal.

You are most correct. The capital investment required to replace the existing escalators with new ones is substantial, well beyond $100,00 dollars. With the proposed new terminal facilities for GO, GRT, and all inter-city carriers, any investment of this size in a facility which may even be de-commissioned in the future is wasteful. Besides, when they are off they are stairs anyway....survey solved.

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Not suprising that the escalators at the CST have been inoperative for almost a week now! No explanation posted at all. (Maybe they need new management for the Terminal. Someone who cares.)

Still not working today :angry:

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Not much suprises me anymore when it comes to the CST management. (OK, I understand that the facility will be moving to the new Transit Terminal", but that's still years, and years away! In the meantime it might be nice to have a facility that's operating professionally! This place is looking like a joke ........... cigarette butts everywhere outside, mismatched floor tiles, dirty windows, non functional escalators - on a pretty regular basis - "stuff" taped up all over the walls, everywhere - the place looks like the bus shelters up around the Universities, with all the "Lawn Care" ads, sublet ads, etc.!)

What can I say? It's embarrassing!

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Ok I feel the need to weigh in on this. The majority of the time I travel to Aldershot GO station, the escalators are not in operation and are blocked off. The same goes for a few other GO stations. Just sayin' that this isn't a problem that doesn't happen just in GRT.

Did you think maybe it's broken, awaiting replacement parts? Possibly it doesn't run during peak periods? This stuff doesn't just happen at GRT, so stop pretending it does.

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