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Nova Bus LFS Artic, of course! But a 40 foot T-Drive is also good!

EDIT: Ehh, I changed my mind! What about a brand new (all options) Nova Bus LFS T-Drive!

-1/3 2/3 front doors

-Roof of an LFX

-Cummins ISL 280 hp with a ZF transmission


-Frameless windows!!!!

-Large destination sign (Axion)


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Hard to say actually... but... either

1982 Flyer D901a with 6V92A and Allison V731,

1982 GMC T6H-5307N Fishbowl with 6V92A and Allison V731,

1991 MCI Classic TC40-102N with 6V92TA and Voith D863.3,

1992 New Flyer D40 with 6V92TA and Allison HTB-748,

1998 New Flyer D40LF Detroit Series 50 and Allison HTB-748

1999 Orion V Detroit Diesel S50 and Allison HTB-748.

-Bryan "Goggles"

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