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Posting Etiquette


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Due to recent issues now involving this section of the board, I think it is appropriate to take this opportunity to remind some members of general posting etiquette as done in the GTA section. This serves as a warning and therefore the next step for anyone found disobeying these simple rules will be suspended or banned. Special attention should be paid to the rule about well though out and intelligent posting. Recent posts in the sightings thread look more like an MSN-type chat than a proper, respectable message board posting.

1. If you have a question, makes sure you check the board or other resources such as Google or the wiki to make sure you can't answer the question on your own.

2. Posts and replies are to be well thought out and intelligent. We will also not tolerate one word posts or posts of inane 'chatter' on the board. Examples: LOL, :P, I saw it too, that's nice, nice pics, etc.

3. Members are to be respectful and gracious to one another. One may feel free to thank someone, and in that case, posts to thank someone are exempt from the rule above.


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