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Confiscation of Student IDs by GRT


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The question should be really, how much information actually makes it from the transit staff to our elected officials? :lol: I read the council and committee reports religiously and maybe once have I seen something about misuse of fares, and IIRC the report downplayed it (I'd have to hunt for whatever report that was again...but I digress...). The problem is, if the rates of fare fraud that we believe to be out there really do exist, and they were ever published in a report to committee or council the media would be all over it like flies on s#!t.

The answer is very little. Reports to council are wrapped in glossy paper with big red bows. Studies on fare fraud consists of a supervisor riding a bus for a couple of hours and checking the passes as people board. Hmm - I wonder how accurate of a picture that would present? Our senior management staff and council are too far removed from the workers, and the transit system itself, to make truly effective decisions.

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Newsline says: For passes with faded photos, ask for a second piece of identification, where possible.

As if there would be time for a driver to ask for, and check, a second piece of photo ID. Watch what that would do to scheduling on buses going into and out of the Universities.

I tend to agree with D4500. It's going to be much easier to just wait until May 1st and confiscate it. 'That', eveyone's in agreement with, and there are even signs posted within the buses that say the driver will confiscate "expired" passes. I can hardly wait too, even though there are others on here (from what I've been reading, and viewing) that would tend to disagree and not even care to check. (I play it like a game; "How many can I get today!")

Looking forward to participating on this Forum. :D

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