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Waiting for 30 Minutes

Protest Against Ottawa and OC Transpo...in Photos

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It all depends on where the bus is at the time.

For example Mack bridge you have a busy stn plus a mall and government building.

So hows a transit cop spose to know if John Doe taking pictures ( phone or otherwise) at a stn or onboard a bus is a transit fan or some one planning a attack if they don't approach him and find out what his intentions are .

The big change should be is how the transit cop should approach John Doe by finding out why he is taking the pictures/video and not by saying photos are not allowed even though in the bylaws (depending on the operator) state that photos can be taken under the right circumstances.

My most recent confrontation had the supervisor only ask why I'm taking photos, which is a nice change from "you're not allowed to take photos". If they asked transitfans why photos were being taken, then responses would likely be nicer. I don't care if they approach me and ask, but I do care how they ask.

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