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Sorry to SPAM the threads with pics here, but IIRC someone was asking before about how the interior would be for the XE60, so here's a few shots from APTA Expo:

37847617615_7d2b2fed64_t.jpg 37847627615_1c82a4a8b9_t.jpg  26958734299_dc0a162fbf_t.jpg 38703309252_e5a8f4bd3c_t.jpg 26958737159_06846b4b0b_t.jpg

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The VINs for OCTA's 2006 and 2007 New Flyer C40LFRs have not been added to the CPTDB Wiki yet as of right now. I tried to let the editors recognize the VINs and add them onto the wiki through the content changes and additions topic on the forum but no one managed to put them on the articles yet. The builders' plates on these buses are supposedly located on the left side of the bus next to the front window, which prevents me from looking closely at the builder's plates on these buses at most times. The website www.autocheck.com may guarantee these serials listed below as 2007 model New Flyer C40LFR buses only if the first 11 digits of the VINs are included.

VIN 5FYC5FP1?6C0????? is OCTA unit 5501, built in September 2006

VINs 5FYC5FP1?7C030312-5FYC5FP1?7C030390 are OCTA units 5502-5580, built between March to July 2007

VIN 5FYC5FB167C031723 is OCTA unit 7529, built in May 2007

VINs 5FYC5FP1?7C032165-5FYC5FP1?7C032259 are OCTA units 5581-5599 and 5601-5674, built from August 2007 to December 2007

VINs 5FYC5FP1?7C032272-5FYC5FP1?7C032300 are OCTA units 7501-7528, built in January 2008

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