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New Police Interceptors

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In my opinion, the new "Police Interceptor" is going to fall flat on it's face. Law enforcement agencies all across Canada and the United States prefer the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (P71) because of it's proven reliability, strong engine and it's large size both outside and within. The Taurus was preferred by law enforcement for detectives and other non-pursuit activities because of low cost and it's appropriate size for it's use. Combining the two together is a very bad idea. I have seen glimpses of the 2010 Taurus and i'm not impressed.

It is a very gutsy move by Ford to get rid of the industries flagship police vehicle to replace it with what I can only describe a unsuitable replacement.

That's my two cents, I guess only time will tell how this new endeavour plays out.

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Looks like the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have got some new Ford Taurus' in their fleet. I saw one attending to a collision scene on Highway 401 this afternoon.



Montreal Police seems to have brand new Dodge Chargers. Saw one yesterday on the corner of Duke and Notre-Dame st. The car was number 97-14.

There is pics of 97-11, 97-12, and 97-14 on http://www.policecanada.ca/

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I have heard they're terrible.

Well, I posted this when the Taurus was new-ish to policing in its current configuration, and now having some at work I must say I really like them. Lots of power, handle better than a Crown Vic for sure - and really fuel efficient when taking into account their weight and massive idle times.

Here are a couple of our vehicles:



edit: one of the URLs should be different. Replace the last digit with a 3 (replacing the 4) and you'll be our SUV. Cannot seem to edit it on mobile.

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There's one of those where ever there are military aircraft - in the case of Edmonton it is 408 Squadron's Griffon Helicopters. They're for air field security and crash response.

From 2001ish until last year all military civilian pattern vans and light trucks were ordered in blue, for no reason other than standardization and ease of cleanliness. These "crash trucks" were, until 2012, owned by the Base and not the MP. As a result they were in the standard blue vice MP white. The new ones will be in the conventional MP markings with white body.

Here in chilly Shilo we have no aircraft, so no crash truck. But we do have ATVs and snow mobiles.

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