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Valley Metro (Phoenix)


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5 hours ago, The XDE60 said:

5624... I discovered that there's a scanner (if that what it really is) next to the farebox by the front door. What's the purpose of the installations?

I'd assume it's a QR code reader for an eventual mobile fare payment system. 

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I think 4522-4524 are the replacements. The base fleet was 21 "trolleys", and there is no need to expand the fleet. I don't find the Scottsdale City Council allocating funds for new equipment (since 2019), and the oldest Gilligs don't qualify for replacement funding yet,

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Auction sales:

*1552, 1560- $2,800

*1567- $3,750

*1572- $3,100

*1580, 1602- $4,000

*1583, 1604- $3,300

*1584- $3,200

*1599- $6,500

*1600- $3,500

*1601- $3,800

*1603- $3,400

*6482- $4,400

*6483- $6,250

*6484- $7,200

*6537- $2,600

*6557- $3,000

*6586- $5,250

*6648- $5,000

*6650- $6,400

*8051- $3,400


1599 was one of the 2014 Aero Elites previously on Avondale ZOOM.

All 2008 D60LF's have gone into the sunset.

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Phoenix City Council approved funding for the Transit Department to acquire a small fleet of low- or zero-emissions buses (hybrid/electric/hydrogen). Public Transit will acquire up to 20 buses over the next five years for testing in the Phoenix environment.

The Council was scheduled to vote on the Gillig award last night, but that was tabled to the next meeting (that's interesting).

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