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Valley Metro (Phoenix)

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In addition to all of the XD60s delivered last month, Phoenix also picked up XN60 7192.

It looks like Phoenix will issue another bid request this spring for as many as 300 40-foot buses.


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It may appear, thanks to Transsee, that the First Transit-West 2007 D40LF buses have pretty much went into the sunset.

*Note: The last three First Transit-West 2007 D40LF buses (6510, 6525 and 6567) have not yet sold.

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On 7/1/2020 at 12:24 PM, Ztonyg said:

I know the wikipedia.com fleet roster was killed by wikipedia (don't know why as other agencies can still have theirs) and the CPTDB wiki hasn't been updated in a while. As far as the new buses are concerned using transsee.ca and personal observations I have noticed the following.

Phoenix's Gillig CNGs are fleet numbers 5121-5274 (for a total of 154 buses).

Phoenix's Gillig Diesels are fleet numbers 5601-5643 (for a total of 43 buses)

Phoenix's New Flyer XD60s are fleet numbers 8082 - 8127 (for a total of 46 buses).

I assume that the Gillig total will eventially be (or is already) 200 buses so has anyone seen any CNG higher than 5274 or Diesel higher than 5643? I'd assume 5275 and 5644 and 5645 may exist?

I also assume that there will eventually be (or is already) 50 XD60s so 8128, 8129, 8130, and 8131 either exist or are currently in the delivery process.

As far as the RPTA is concerned it seems that the XN40s go from vehicle numbers 6811 - 6853. Has anyone seen any higher numbered XN40s in service?

Any notes or further observations would be appreciated. Thanks. 


This is Wikipedia.org not Wikipedia.com

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6 hours ago, The XDE60 said:

Does anybody have an ETA as to when buses like 8146, 5279, 5662, 8531 or 6874 would commence service?

Note that the first three numbers would be Phoenix while the other two would be RPTA.

8146 was seen earlier this afternoon on the 106-Peoria Ave. line according to TransSee.

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From the Stockyard of Love

*7126- $800

*7140- $1,250

*6510- $2,500

*6525- $2,600

*6567- $3,500

*6594- $1,250

*6610, 6631- $5,000

*6616- $5,250

*6621- $6,250

*6625- $4,900

*6629- $5,750

*6643- $5,500

*8056- $4,000

*8064- $5,250

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According to the wiki fleet list (which I know isn't fully updated), it says that the 2007 D40LF's run from Transdev-Phoenix and First Transit-Phoenix.

However, all the First Transit-Phoenix D40LF's have been sold. There are select Transdev-Phoenix D40LF's still on roads.

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More news:

*8148 & 8149 now in service (8149 on 44 at post, not sure about 8148)

*No word on 5279 or 5662 (Not sure if 5279 or 5280 will be the first XN40 for First Transit-West... but I'm sure 5662 would be here soon)

*No word on 8531 or 6874 (I'm guessing both of those would be at RPTA-Mesa)

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I believe these Phoenix buses are from a 2019 order. What appears to happen is that each summer Public Transit applies for surplus funds from the FTA. Then each fall, it orders more from the contract, exercising options based on funding (these XD60s are all options). The buses begin to arrive the following fall. So we might not see any more 40-foot buses until the September/October time frame.

As for RPTA, who knows. The 51 buses 6823-6873 replace 6597-6647. The replacements for 6648-68 were slated to be ordered the current fiscal year. I don't know if there is a plan to replace 8511-20, since the MCIs have to fit into the grand scheme somewhere. The replacements for the green artics might be ordered a year from now.

January RPTA deliveries 7010-7013 and 1649.

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Are the D40LFA, L40LFR under threat of being retired this summer? I'm looking at the wiki roster and it looks like none of the orders listed will be affecting those models, but it always seems like that page isn't kept up all that well so I wanted to check here as well..

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At the time of the last bus order, the schedule indicated that replacements would be ordered during fiscal 2022 (which is July 2021-June 2022).  There are no replacements yet for the previous batch, 6648-6668, which were due to be ordered FY21. I might expect that it would replace 6648-6675 all at once.

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