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Valley Metro (Phoenix)

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So, does anyone know if the 112 still has any trips out of Tempe?  I haven't seen any Tempe-based buses on that route in a while.  I know it used to be split in the past, but I have only seen Mesa-based buses operating that route recently.  That is one of the two local routes that regularly get ex-LINK D40LFAs, the other being the 40.

Also, what about the 40?

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Valley Metro (RPTA) says it is adding 24 more buses this fiscal year (which ends June) in addition to the originally budgeted 62 buses. Twenty of those were deferred from previous years, while the other four are to fund the Ray Road route. I would assume the Gilligs that start with 6759 would be part of the 24 (and 52 of 62), but the report goes on to say "The New Flyer contract has accelerated the delivery of more buses this fiscal year."  Some of the deferred may include replacements for the Tempe Compobuses, which would be funded from the 2014 New Flyer contract. 10 of the 62 scheduled for this year are for articulateds.

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