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Today they finally took some new 209's to Cambridge and moved some 2400's to Kitchener. At least three by noon with one right out into service this morning when the driver showed up and her bus was in Kitchener.

20901-20910 (less 20904) are now all in Cambridge. 20904 might be there too just not seen yet.

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20904 still seems to be assigned to Kitchener so there are 9 in Cambridge and 4 in Kitchener, for now.

Not sure what was exchanged for the 209's outside of the rest of the Cambridge-based express fleet (2408 excepted, still in Cambridge, perhaps the 20904 exchange bus?)

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Shouldn't this whole section be under "Sightings"?

Seems like a double post to me?

I "seen" this in Cambridge ............... I "seen" this in Kitchener ................ I thought we already had a Bus "Sightings" section.

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