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PCC Guy   

Tonight, I was with my family headed through a village in the mountains of Slovakia. Near a junction in the road, I saw a man lying by the side of the road - so I told my dad to turn the car around and see if we can do anything to help.

It turned out to be an old man with a bad leg, sprawled out on the curb. We asked him if he'd been drinking or he was hurt, and he wouldn't tell us, but he said he was headed for his house, which was right by the junction. He had a bad leg and a walking stick, but for some reason was trying to crawl there. We tried lifting him up and carrying him, but he didn't arrange himself accordingly at all - as such, we all fell over twice. My dad started to insist that we call the police or something, but the old man insisted that we didn't, and my dad started to get irritable.

As if to answer an unsaid prayer, a police car came along on the road, and my dad flagged them down. The cops got out and we explained the situation to them, so they asked the old man what his situation was and he admitted that he'd been drinking -- that solves the mystery, a bad leg and drinking never go hand in hand!! The cops told him they were headed in the same direction he was, and that they'd give him ride, but he continued to argue and insisted he didn't want to cause trouble; he tried to run off but he ended up stumbling and collapsing again. Eventually, the cops managed to coax him into sitting down in their car, and, also very fortunately, a local village officer arrived on a bike, said that he knew the exact house the man lived at, so off they went.

ever since I came back from Prague, I'd been complaining about a lack of adventure in my life, but this wasn't what I had in mind!! :lol:

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They say it doesn't exist, but it's hard to deny the fact that the World is in complete upheaval as it has already arrived and screwing with everyday life.

Power Outtages don't happen on bright and sunny days, nothing wrong with infrastructure.

Bad cellphone reception and disconnection of services without warrant, most recently as Bell Canada.

Storms and just very weird weather patterns. Earthquakes and Volcanism, very active all World Wide. Keep an eye on Yellowstone.

Grabbed a magnetic compass and took note that the sun does not rise in the East and set in the West. It rises in the Southeast and sets Northwest..... did the Earth tilt on its poles?

Starting to believe that the fairy tale of Nibiru is actually reality, oh well we all got to go one way or another.... how about like the Day After Tomorrow style anyone?

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