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A few of my recommendations, as you have asked for: 1. Delete your account. No issue of being banned further. 2. Don't post a reply. Can't get banned if you don't post. 3. Don't post pi


The next infraction (if there is one) would be a four month suspension. The one after that would be an eight month suspension. And the one after that would be a year and a half suspension!

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Guest GRT Kid

How do you get an elephant into a fridge ?

Open the door and put it in ...

How do you put a giraffe in the fridge ?

Open the door, take out the elephant, and put the giraffe in ...

The lion king held a meeting for all the animals in the kingdom. Which animal didn't show up ?

The giraffe because it's stuck in the fridge ...

If you had to cross a river known to be full of crocidiles, and had no boat, how would you get across ?

You swim across - the crocidiles are all at the meeting


It's funny because it's so stupid ! :D

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Did you call the fire department and if so were they happy when they left!!!

Martin set them on fire on purpose so he could get pics of the fire trucks.

Random thought from a lady at work "Every year we pass by the anniversary of our death".

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