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2 hours ago, Articulated said:

Not even Stratford would have purchased a 21 year old bus, especially considering the many newer options on the market. Plus, they are not up to unit 91 yet (newest purchased unit was #78).

I suspect it is more a case of one unit having a new GPS unit installed that wasn't reprogrammed with the proper unit number. Are there any known active units that haven't tracked in service in the last little while?

Only one of the school specials currently tracks. The other three do not. I was looking more at tracking number error. I have seen that number on the tracker a few times so I wonder if it's 9765 or 9767.  9764 and 9773 have tracked  in the #1 Special (that is trackable) and rarely conventional routes. Once things calm down again I will go up and investigate. That bus was tracking on the number 6 yesterday and now the number 5 today so I wonder if they're running some sort of special extras.

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No it is not replacing 9768, it was purchased to replace one of the 2004 Eldorado buses (one of 0456-0457) due to severe frame corrosion issues. The bus was purchased for $35.550 plus HST. http://do

Stratford has acquired a 2004 Nova Bus numbered 0576 which is believed to be former Coach USA & Coach Canada 4975. They have also acquired a 2009 Eldorado EZ Rider II MAX numbered 0977 which is fr

Yes its a ex Mississauga Transit D40LF.

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