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Well, since I've noticed there's quite a few Hockey Fans on this board I've decided to create a thread about the NHL.

Tonight's games:

NY Rangers VS NY Islanders

15 minutes into the second period


SATAN, M. (07:30 in 1st), SIMON, C. (PPG, 09:35 in 1st), KOZLOV, V. (16:28 in 1st), ASHAM, A. (19:26 in 1st)


Los Angeles Kings VS Anaheim Ducks


Tomorrow's games:

Boston Bruin VS Montreal Canadians!


San Jose Sharks VS Dallas Stars


Nashville Predators VS Phoenix Coyotes


Vancouver Canucks VS Edmonton Oilers!


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Hey, let's all create a pool for Fantasy Hockey!!!


I created a group. It's called CPTDB and the password is transit. Join people!

Sign in, make your picks (you have till tomorrow!), go to group membership, look for CPTDB, and type the password (transit)!

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Well the Sens seem to be winning alot lately, so don't count them out of it just yet. Dispite that, ya the Habs rule.. :(

Yep. After that near stanley cup won that we had a few years ago, I would say the sens have been going downhill but they could finally be making a come back.

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I'm also waiting for that day too, the day we beat the Buffalo Sabres at home. Yeah that's right! :blink:

Nice try, Sabres are road warriors. They WILL beat Montreal.

And to show my disrespect for the Habs beating the Leafs on Saturday, I picked noone (except Souray) in the Fantasy Hockey Pool for this week.


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Anyone catch the Habs beat the Leafs last night!!! hahahaha..GO HABS GO!

Very lucky this time.

Well, anyone who lives in Hamilton and Niagara Falls do cheer Sabres. Despite many bad luck with the city when it comes with sports, they better win the Cup this year!

Forget the Leafs as they are hopeless to get the Cup at anytime!

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See my signature for the latest Canucks score, including tonight's which I am very mad about. I bloody well wish we could score more goals! Argh, I'm used to a high-flying offense. We're like the old Devils team except we don't win.

Sabres vs Habs? GO HABS GO!

Also, I've been thinking about making a scoring update signature like mine for another team (probably the habs) if anyone wants one...or you can use my Canucks one if you want.

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I can't wait for December 19th, Sabres at the Habs!


The Buffalo Sabres play the Canadiens at the Bell Centre this Saturday, Dec. 9 and not the 19th, that day we go and play at HSBC centre.

Also the OILERS beat the Canucks 4-0 last night, woo hoo! LETS GO OILERS, LETS GO

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In other hockey news:

Stanley Cup RE-MATCH tomorrow.

The Carolina Hurricanes play the Edmonton Oilers at Rexall Place. (If you want Game 8) ;)

This game is available on TSN for all you who want to watch it.

As a part Oilers fan I really want the Oilers to beat the Canes as they did in game 6 of the Stanley cup final. :D


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