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  1. 1. Should GRT have a PR message that wishes the Public a "MERRY CHRISTMAS"?

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    • NO

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It appears being "left behind" is a common complaint. So let's talk about why that might happen aside from overcrowding in Waterloo.

1) You weren't really at the stop were you. The driver is not "rude" because he didn't slam on the brakes due to your lack of enthusiasm for getting where you need to be when you need to be there. As he goes by with you flapping your arms fast enough to take flight, you neglect to consider that on board strollers, wheelchairs, standees etc etc all make it a bad idea. Plus it tells everyone on the bus they can expect to board wherever they want. Many resources are expended by GRT planning the safest and most efficient places to place stops, so just get there, on time.

2) You were at the stop, but you didn't look up from your iPhone as the bus approached being totally oblivious to your surroundings. Sitting inside the bus shelter you think the driver must be able to see you, not considering it is filthy dirty or his headlights reflect off the glass at night turning it into mirror. You must want a different bus or something, The Amazing Kreskin will have to figure it out.

3) You can't read the destination sign, so when the CHARTER or OUT OF SERVICE or TRAINING bus goes by you have to call GRT right away.

4) There are some drivers people do not like, sometimes for good reason. Not surprisingly, there are some people the drivers don't like, sometimes for good reason. Every day like clockwork you whine about things over which the driver has no control. Rightly or wrongly, today is just not your day.

5) You missed your connection. It's funny that you are the same person who never has his money ready. You wasted time asking questions because you don't even know where you really want to go. You expect the driver to be some sort of mind-reading encyclopedia of knowledge, therefore you think he has every schedule, connection, detour, mailbox, garbage can and moon-phase memorized. Yesterday you phoned and complained because the same driver didn't let you get seated and put your dirty feet up on the seat in front of you. Today he made sure you got to do all of that.

Very, very well written! I certainly do hope you send that into The Record. (I'll pay for the stamp, or hand deliver it for you!) I think if you don't send that it soon, someone else reading it on here might, and take the credit, unless the "quote" you!

Again, very, very well written! I can't agree with you more! "Kudo's" to you!

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(this happened a few days before christmas.)

Thank you to the driver on the 62 that was so wonderful to my best friend who is 6'4 & legally blind/learning disabled, he has a fascination with Radio equipment & is a level 3 Ham Radio operator. this driver not only let us ride with him, but he also explained the radio system to my friend, & even let my friend sit in the front seat of an older bus & talked about buses for over 2 1/2 hours. a huge christmas gift for my friend, who has been very sheltered by his mother & not allowed to mature & learn to be independent, much less learn to get around on his own, (he had never been on a bus till 2 years ago when I took him on the system for 5 hours.

GRT, made his Christmas very special.. Thank you.

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Back on topic with festive P/R signs :huh: Here up in Thunder Bay we now have 3 different P/R messages for different times of the holiday season:


I really wish that GRT and the Region would be more open to this type of PR signage. Seems to me that Thunder Bay is being more receptive to these "celebrations"! Way to go, Thunder Bay!

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