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Pictured below in a factory pose is a 1954 GM Model PDX 4901 and the only one of its kind ever built.

The 40 foot long 49 passenger (47 with lavatory) coach dubbed the Golden Chariot but slated to be called the Super Highway Traveler was built on a PD 4501 (Greyhound Scenicruiser) frame and drive train and appeared to be a bloated version of the popular PD 4104 which had made its debut only the year before.

Powered by twin 4-71 Detroit Diesels installed longitudinally at the rear with a mechanical transmission, the PD 4901’s combined horsepower was rated at 300 and configured to run on either single engine or both simultaneously.

Three under floor baggage compartments totaled almost 300 cubic feet and offered enough space for commercial revenue.

A little history on the 4901;

M. E. Moore, president of Continental Trailways, had a yen for a 40 foot bus and was very interested when the GM sales department came calling with the PDX-4901 in 1954.

GM promised different styling on the production model and Moore, still hungry for a niche coach, wrote a deposit check and signed an order.

GM, however, then went to Greyhound, and using the potential of a sale to Continental as an intimidation, asked if they were interested in buying as well.

Greyhound had already tried the car and had given it back with a "no thanks," and the second time their answer was the same. GM gave Moore his deposit check back thinking that if Greyhound wouldn't buy it, then they wouldn't build it for anyone else either.

Greyhound’s experience with the Scenicruiser twin Diesels undoubtedly nixed any hope for the 4901’s future!

Photos courtesy of GM Photographic.

Mr. Linsky – Green Bus Lines, Inc., Jamaica, NY



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