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Pictured below is fleet number 10 - a Mack Forward Control Diesel Rail Car and designated as the Model FCD.

The FCD designation came about because the first such prototype was built at Mack for testing in 1951 by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad whose president at the time, Frederick C. Dumaine, dubbed it with his initials

The car was constructed primarily of parts from a Mack C-50 bus and resulted in an order for nine similar units which were delivered to New Haven in 1954 and number 2 to 10.

Note that there was an entry door to either side of the motorman who sat in the center much like a trolley operator.

These cars were used almost exclusively on sparsely populated New Haven spurs to bring passengers to and from main stations.

Since they could actually only travel one way, there must have been a section of turn around track at the end of each spur

Photo courtesy of the Mack Truck Museum

Mr. Linsky - Green Bus Lines, Inc., Jamaica, NY


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They were only equipped to run in one direction, but they had a coupler and connections on the back that allowed them to be run in pairs back-to-back.

Most of them had a fairly short lifespan with the New Haven - only one ever ran in revenue service, and it only ran for 2 years at that. By 1963 they were all sold off. A couple of them ended up on shortlines or industrial railways as employee shuttles, and the vast majority of the rest were sold to Sperry Rail Services who rebuilt them into rail analysis cars. Most of those lasted until the late 1980s, and I think that one or two are still around with SRS today. At least one has been saved at the Danbury Railway Museum.


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